RU RU Spring Seasonal - Round 2

i feel obligated to call activity. I was on at scheduled time yesterday and opponent was not around; I then asked if he could play today and got no response.


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Doing activity calls:
Expulso vs SOMALIA : Somalia never replied to Expulso's messages after missing the scheduled time so Expulso gets the activity win.
SectoniaServant vs Crashy : Crashy never replied to Sectonia's post so they get the activity win.
Amaroq vs Senpai D.M : Amaroq gets activity.
jcbc vs yeezyknows : yeezy gets activity.
Orphic vs Gonz@lo : Orphic gets activity.
Acselsior13 vs Kableye : Acselsior gets the activity.

Now for coinflips:

byronthewellwell vs Drud
yedla vs Ainzcrad
vs Kebab mlml
Splash vs King Roma
Mordecai & Rigby vs DugZa
Forsendi vs Kerrigann

PLEASE let me know if I got somethin wrong so I can fix them asap, next round coming up shortly

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