RU RU Swiss Tournament - Round 3

RU Swiss tour!

Tournament Rules:
General tournaments rules and regulation can be found here
- Standard SM RU
- Best of 1 for the swiss phase, best of 3 for the playoffs
- Every round will last 1 week, there will be 6 rounds. Top 8 will qualify for playoffs.
Post replays, everyone likes them and they can be a good way to showcase the new meta trends, although I'm not going to give you a loss if you don't post them

Smogon Championship Type B

Pairings made by Pearl™
naruto(sage) vs. Lopunny Kicks
Marshall.Law vs. Sir Isaac Mewton
Romanticist vs. Star
We Three Kings vs. Xiri
Sam I Yam vs. Corckscrew
Eternal Spirit vs. dcae
Arifeen vs. Acsel

Dundies vs. Rakan
Twix vs. Chill Shadow
Feliburn (1-0) vs. Kingofcrimea
Miyami~~ vs. Cheryl.
Lord Esche vs. didi
Matame vs. lighthouses
TraceofLife vs. Finding True Love
HNBL vs. Kushalos
pancake vs. Luispeikou
Santu vs. Flamestar
Mindnight vs. Jason Genova
KoldKappuccino vs. Pohjis
Slurmz vs. Mega meganium
InfernoMonferno vs. Real FV13
Casparov vs. byronthewellwell
Senpai D.M vs. Level 56

Oppa a.f vs. KevinELF
Weegah vs. neomon
Drud vs. Randomnick
Simiatic vs. Zenobu
zugubu royale vs. IRazvann

irazvann vs mindnight was a coinflip
Thank you everyone for putting the effort to get ur games done in time.
Deadline for this round is Sunday October 15th Midnight EST
Sharpedo is NOT allowed. Ampharos-Mega IS allowed.
let me know if u spot any mistakes asap
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won in a gg

Edit: Sorry, missed out on saving replay
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Senpai D.M

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act if this nigga doesnt play me today
edit was johned all week and was active at said time today
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You never gave me a specific time nor replied when I said I'll be available after 9pm my time despite being online afterwards.
I waited for about 4 hours but you never showed up.
I do admit that I missed our first schedule time, so if possible, may we get an extension to sort this out?
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