RU RU Swiss Tournament - Round 4

RU Swiss tour!

Tournament Rules:
General tournaments rules and regulation can be found here
- Standard SM RU
- Best of 1 for the swiss phase, best of 3 for the playoffs
- Every round will last 1 week, there will be 6 rounds. Top 8 will qualify for playoffs.
Post replays, everyone likes them and they can be a good way to showcase the new meta trends, although I'm not going to give you a loss if you don't post them

Smogon Championship Type B

Pairings made by Pearl™
Sir Isaac Mewton vs. Romanticist
naruto(sage) vs. Corckscrew
Acsel vs. HANTSUKI
Xiri vs. Eternal Spirit

Pohjis vs. MiyoKa
Kingofcrimea vs. byronthewellwell
Finding True Love vs. Chill Shadow
Slurmz vs. Real FV13
Luispeikou vs. esche
We Three Kings vs. Matame
Miyami~~ vs. Marshall.Law
dcae vs. Senpai D.M
Jason Genova vs. Arifeen
Rakan vs. Sam I Yam
Kushalos vs. Lopunny Kicks

KoldKappuccino vs. Casparov
Level 56 vs. Twix
IRazvann vs. lighthouses
Cheryl. vs. Mega meganium
HNBL vs. dundies
Trace vs. Randomnick
Feliburn (1-1)vs. KevinELF
didi vs. Simiatic

Oppa a.f vs. zugubu royale
neomon (1-2) vs. Drud

coinflips of last round:

lighthouses Level 56 zugubu royale (l56 is activity loss) if you have proof to contest the act loss / coinflip feel free to show it to me and i'll give an extension or reverse the call or w/e action necessary
w3k vs xiri has until tuesday

Deadline is sunday Oct 22nd midnight EST
just a few more rounds guys hang in there, i removed whoever asked to be removed as well as the people who are just plain unwilling to schedule or get the games done
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