Tournament RU Uber Moves! - Cancelled - [Won by Servine]

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New Round, coinflips were done for matches that weren't completed


wishes vs. Rakan
Persephone vs. teachable
Lennart vs. CB Weedle
KoldKappuccino vs. SinisterSalamence
TheWall vs. Z+V
atomicllamas vs. lotiasite
Dj Breloominati♬ vs. Seo.
Sam I Yam vs. StarBlim
-Tsunami- vs. iRKD
iLlama vs. Robert Alfons
Aurora vs. eifo
Feliburn vs. Mindnight
Cheryl. vs. Finding True Love
Raseri vs. Empo
Shurtugal vs. EviGaro
Ice Tray vs. Salient

also shoutouts EviGaro for compiling winners and MrAldo for doing pairings i luv y'all

Deadline is one week from now pls play ur goddamn matches thanks

or i'll ban u
Not open for further replies.

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