Gen 3 Sableye NU [WIP]



*Backed by its remarkable Dark/Ghost typing, Sableye is one of the best defensive Pokemon in the tier, providing an answer to prominent threats such as Hitmonchan, Haunter, Chimecho, Pidgeot, and Arbok.
*Sableye also has access to various utility options in Knock Off, Toxic, Taunt, and Calm Mind, allowing it to be a dangerous win-condition as well a flexible and important member to common builds.
*Being one of the three Ghost-type Pokemon in the tier, Sableye also possesses the valuable ability to spinblock, being the most feasible option on bulkier spikestacks teams.
*Unfortunately Sableye lacks much of a solid offensive presence outside of Seismic Toss, allowing Spikers to freely set their hazards and leaving it exploitable to such setup Pokemon like Mawile.
*Sableye can also be overwhelmed by powerful attacks such Huntail's rain-boosted Hydro Pump, and in general is forced to heavily invest in one stat to dodge certain 2HKOs such as from Choice-Banded Hitmonchan's Earthquake.
*Despite its relativity few drawbacks, there is still little opportunity cost to running Sableye, and its ability to check common Psychic and Normal-types as well as a compressed Hitmonchan check leaves itself finding a spot on nearly every kind of team.

name: Physically Defensive
move 1: Knock Off / Shadow Ball
move 2: Seismic Toss
move 3: Toxic
move 4: Recover
item: Leftovers
ability: Keen Eye
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD


*This is Sableye's main utility counter set, which it uses to check Pokemon like Raticate. Knock Off is Sableye's main utility move, though lacking in power, cripples most Pokemon by either weakening them by removing a Choice Band or Leftovers, leaving an opponent far more prone to being worn down. Shadow Ball is an alternative STAB move that has decent power, but Sableye still sorely misses Knock Off.
*Seismic Toss allows Sableye to maintain a consistent damage output against every non-Ghost-type in the tier, one of the few advantages over Night Shade is its ability to hit Normal-types.
*Toxic allows Sableye to cripple more passive Pokemon as well as Bulk Up and Calm Mind users such as Hitmonchan and Chimecheo.
*Recover restores Sableye's health, which is especially important as Sableye only hardly avoids certain 2HKOes.
*Leftovers provides Sableye with passive recovery and the ability to dodge certain 2HKOes, even after a roll of Spikes. Maximum Investment in its physical bulk couples with a Bold Nature capitalizes on its ability to take on Physical attackers such as Choice-Banded Hitmonchan and Pidgeot.



name: Calm Mind
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Hidden Power Dark
move 3: Recover / Rest
move 4: Fire Punch / Sleep Talk
item: Leftovers
ability: Keen Eye
nature: Relaxed
evs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD


Describe what the moves on the set do.



Other Options


Checks and Counters

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The main sets look good. For Other Options a SubPunch set and Choice Band set both need serious mentions as they can both nab easy surprise KOs but they are not at all consistent in the long run to warrant full sets imo.


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The Calm Mind set should "slash" either Rest or Recover in the 4th move position, too. This way you could run Calm Mind/HP Dark/Recover/Rest. When compared to Rest/Sleep Talk you lose movability while asleep, but gain the more rapid HP regeneration of Recover, in case you just need to deal with raw damage rather than Toxic.

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