Scariest Video Game Characters And Themes (From Non-Horror Games)

Most of us here have played video games, probably some of us love horror games as well. But, there are some characters that give the purest nightmare fuel in video games and arcade systems without being in horror games themselves. The angry sun from Super Mario Brothers Three, Sinistar from the arcade space shooter aptly named "Sinistar," or maybe The Drowning Theme in Sonic the Hedgehog, characters and themes that may have possibly gave you nightmare fuel as a child by accident.
What are the scariest video game characters and themes from non-horror games that you have experienced? Comment down below with an explanation of why the character/video game music theme gave you the creeps or a terrifying nightmare fuel for your entire life.
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If there were any videogame characters that scared me it was the clone spidermen that spawned from house of mirrors in mysterio's funhouse of doom in the videogame spiderman 2. Those things were creepy ugly them all being twisted versions of spiderman and all of them unique in addition the music playing was just terrifying. They also made squeaky noises like a dog toy when you would hit them....that did not help. They also came in hoards. Very spooky.


Since, for me as a child, first video games that I got to play were such RTS classics as Warcraft III or Age of Empires II there is really no particular character that I remember. The cinematic for Frozen Throne or the Undead race in Warcraft III was pretty scary though, I recall not wanting to look at it.


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Tanetane Island in Mother 3. The experience is quite surreal and very eerie. It represents the distortion of the mind as Lucas and his friends are essentially confronted by their greatest fears.
I've always grown up with horror games and movies so I never ventured much out of that realm so I don't have much experience with non-horror games creeps but I can think of 4 main things that really creeped me out as a kid, even if most of them are fairly goofy looking back.

The entrance to End of the World from the first Kingdom Hearts game always gave me a bad feeling as you walked through an empty abyss towards even harder bosses(Chernabog's very dark abyss of a boss arena is an honorable mention, idk why but I found empty dark abysses creepy) It was definitely a darker change of pace as you see worlds that are so consumed that they hardly even exist.

Andross' first firm from Star Fox 64, nothing really to add here as it's not a game I played often at all, I just found dark abysses to be creepy a lot more so than Andross himself, I specify his first form because the other form has a background change and the brain just looks kinda goofy to me

the Unown radio transmission in Pokemon GSC is 100% the creepiest song in the game, infinitely more than Lavender Town in RBY. It's almost ominous since GSC is among the happiest light-hearted Pokemon games in the series. The random beeps and noises going on that you can't help to feel unnerved listening to it. It's something I've tried to avoid as a kid, I actually found out about it before I solved the sliding puzzle to activate unown so I listened to this long before I knew any thing it could be about, didn't really help it not sound creepy but it's certainly a thing that happened.

Medusa from Castlevania Lament of Innocence gets an honorable mention because I'm not sure if it meets the non-horror aspect as it's not a horror game but it has horror elements like undead enemies and such. This incarnation of Medusa is a head that you first meet resting on a headless statue akin to the original Castlevania where the head glides off the statue and attacks you, this Medusa is much larger and tougher than the original boss on the NES...oh yeah and she CHARGES at you.


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i didnt get around to playing earthbound til i was 16 but even then giygas freaked me the hell out. i can't imagine playing that game as a little kid, i got scared by minecraft ambience noises let alone that absolute nightmare of a final boss
I'm not sure if it even counts as a horror game (despite the fact it does have "Horror" in its name, it's more of a point-and-click game), but there's the dog from Hugo's House of Horrors.

More specifically, the Windows version of the game, where instead of playing some silly chiptune when the dog appears, there's a loud and sudden growl which obviously gives you no time to react before your character dies. It's difficult to not get scared once this happens, as the game is almost entirely silent otherwise.

After "rediscovering" the game a few years ago, I've started to wonder if it had anything to do with me developing cynophobia...

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The Peepomite from Fearless Fantasy. At first you think "Oh, this fantasy RPG monster's a cheshire colored goon. Heh, Alice in Wonderland. It'll die quickly." Then it opens its mouth and it's actually Russian nesting dolls from Hell.
I used to play this game all the time when I was younger. It scared the living shit out of me but I loved it soo much. It wasn't a horror game but it still gave me nightmares. Sweet tooth was the scariest thing to me.

The opening title screen song was pretty scary. I used to turn down the volume and hurry up and pick single player.

The stories are incredibly dark and definitely had an impact on me as a kid.

I 100% recommend this game. Its replayability is fucking fantastic and its by far one of my favorite games of all time. Each character is so unique and their stories even make you feel bad for them despite how twisted the individual is.


I mean seriously you see a Toad getting color sucked and then this Shy Guy is like

hello, wanna share?

And then the battle kicks in with this hell of a music

As you fight an opponent that's jump and hammer immune who will kindly suck not only Mario's paint, but also your sanity with his cursed straw!

The Shunned Guy was an hell of a surprise, but not a nice surprise imo.

EDIT: It really is a blessing that this thing gets obliterated by Fire Flowers, but yeah, jumps and hammers not working definetly make you sweat hard.
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This thing. Its original form isn't much better either, especially in gameplay. Anyone fought a Crimson Qurupeco and the Deviljho just shows up? Just listen to their battle theme.

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