SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

I mean if training EV is the issue, you can literally just buy medicines for them o.o
The Power Training Items are available on the first city, if you wanna EV train in-game, it doesn't get any easier than this.

I just can't see *why* when no major battles will do the same tho. If this was BDSP, I'd definitely be using Let's Go + Power Item to train tho.
Bro what fucking romanization system are they using. this is Dachou aka ostritch
You know the sad thing is I did look up the japanes for ostrich and went "no...surely that's too different" and then just never circled back around to it even after fruitless searching for what "datyou" could be (dato? you dato??? datOU??? datu????")
You know the sad thing is I did look up the japanes for ostrich and went "no...surely that's too different" and then just never circled back around to it even after fruitless searching for what "datyou" could be (dato? you dato??? datOU??? datu????")
I don't really get Nihon shiki because it comes from someone who just wanted to replace kana with romaji and was made for native japanese speakers and not for an english person to read it lmao

here's the ch- chart
I forgot to bring it up but Enamorus' codename is FEATOROSU so FEA + Torosu, the suffix all the cloud bros have
I think FEA might be for "Fairy" and if so that'd put the tinks as FEA + RII so Fairy + ....google wants to say that Rii is just used as a girls name in Japan.
So Fairy Girl, basically, if google isn't just looking at me and shrugging its best guess?

It was riddled out at the time that KARUKAN is probably meant to refer to chalcanthite.
oh that works out pretty well then, thank you

I don't really get Nihon shiki because it comes from someone who just wanted to replace kana with romaji and was made for native japanese speakers and not for an english person to read it lmao

here's the ch- chart
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Neat, always see stuff like this in other game filenames so its cool to have context to why the romanization looks like that.
You're greatly overestimating Maushold honestly.
74/70/75 is mediocre at best bulk on a monoNormal, and note that this thing has 111 speed and a meager 75 attack.
111 speed in a format where most mons will be faster, stronger, and 1hkoing it before it can do anything.
It's also extremely monodirectional, it does one thing and one only, other than maybe click Encore on someone that tries to setup on it like a dragon type.
And as you guessed, istantly dies the moment Garchomp or a Rocky Helmet user shows up, on top of being vulnerable to Intimidate, entry hazards, burn and all the stuff phisical attackers are vulnerable to.
You're also not setupping anything btw, the thing doesn't get any setup move (intentionally, most likely) other than Substitute and Agility.

It's the kind of pokemon that'll get King's Rock banned and then drop to the depth of a random lower tier without viable ghost/rock/steel types, and get banned from that one.
Which definitely won't be OU with Dragapult everywhere for one.

Basically Cincinno but slightly less bad. UUBL if lucky, PUBL if not.
If you want to cheese things, Palafin is looking much better since it actually can take a hit or two.

edit: do note that however in VGC the thing may actually see usage, as it has the formerly clefable-line exclusive combo of Follow Me + Friend Guard, and a pretty decent supportive movepool to go with it.
I mean tidy up is all the set up it needs. I think it will be more solid then you think it will be but staying in OU like people assume is a stretch.

I have previously mentioned Maushold's doubles potential though and its huge. I definitely expect it to make waves there.
What tier it goes in aside, I find that Skeledirge's best quality is that it is the only Pokemon with Unaware + Will-O-Wisp. It has enough physical defenses where it has enough bulk to tank quite a bit of physical punishment. The more I thought about it, the typing is honestly a design-choice to prevent something of this nature from being really stupid, as the amount of physical bulk it has, combined with the Will-O-Wisp + Slack Off option, allow Skeledirge to cripple certain offensive or even defensive threats.
As I see it, the problem is that Ghost Fire is an horrible defensive combination. It's weak to rock, ground, water, ghost and dark. It is inmune to fighting but that is irrelevant since knock off distribution is so absurd that fighting types dont spam fighting attacks in neutral, but knock offs. If knock off doesn't exist doesnt matter to me, since it will and everyone will learn it again. The most important resistance i see is fairy, its also weak to grounded hazards -and sr-, tho can be mitigated with hdbs but... I dont see this switching into much.
Not going to lie, this made me laugh. Plus the fact that hazards exist considering it will likely run Wide/LO/Choice will mean it has a glaring hole to residual damage. Won't stop the damage potential or the potential of this 'mon, though. But yeah, Garchomp might be more inclined to be bulky this generation for things like this.
Not to mention he can double up on spikes and stealth rocks now.

Not that he needed that power.


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Why didn't these guys get Mega Launcher/Sharpness? Armarouge even has access to numerous pulse moves, so it's not like with Magmortar who doesn't have access to pulse moves. Ceruledge would have helped showcase Sharpnesss in Gen 9 Pokemon, and we haven't gotten a new Mega Launcher Pokemon since Gen 6, so why not these abilities than Weak Armor?
I don't know, but hey, more things to add in my custom tier, won't say no :bloblul:
I wonder how late it was changed so that Toedscool still has the same codename this late.
It feels almost late enough that one of the leakers may have seen the scrapped WIP design :smogthink:

Wasn't Toedscool at first just hinted as 'land-living rfake based on a Gen I Water-type'? With no further information until later? Maybe it was in the middle of redesign around that point. Of course, baseless speculation here.
A possible Skeledirge set when out of trick room
Unaware Tank (Skeledirge) @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Unaware
Tera Type: Ghost / Normal
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Torch Song
- Hex
- Will-O-Wisp
- Slack Off
I am testing this is showdown as soon as the Scarlet and Violet Pokemon get added
If he gets any Special Psychic type moves, that could be interesting, but it doesn't. It does get Zen Headbutt though
Honestly in most cases this may be all it needs the only other moves I can see being run are substitute and earth power. Also not sure why youd run psychic coverage when most of the things it would worry about are immune to it. Only thing I can see is pex or clod but both of them are hit by EP
You know, it was mentioned earlier that it was weird how Diglett & Wiglett were both in the game, but Tentacool wasn't despite Toedscool being here and clearly being meant to run into them so you go "whoa?!"
I wonder if originally being slated for Magikarp might have had something to do with that. If the rest of the dex was "locked in" to their 400 number to that point, then they felt they couldn't just have 2 extra water types floating around.
The unfortunate thing for fire gator is H-Typhlosion's existence soon. Pretty much fully outclasses Skele given their more offensive appropriate typing, especially in doubles with H-Ty getting Eruption.

I expect cat and duck to carve out bigger roles in both metas.
Yeah but in singles the ability to check certain threats like iron hands, iron valiant, both P-Volcs, most cetitan variants and certain variants of baxcalibur will make Skeledirge have far more of a niche than Typhlosion. It has some of the best offenses and physical bulk of Unaware mon.
You can run a utility set on Clodsire (Yawn, toxic spikes, etc.) so he become spectrum agnostic.
Cyclizar has decent SpA (85 SpA vs 95 Atk) and a decent special movepool (Hyper voice, Draco-meteor, Overheat; all through TMs).
Maybe you can manage to do something with that?
Hey that’s not a bad idea! Might try it if i end up using all 6, if not, I might try to put Kilowattrel or someone else in there somewhere if I can.
Thank you!


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While looking at the other names just to see what they were called I noticed another oddity

As posted earlier all the paradoxes except for Roaring Moon & Iron Valiant (which are AAAAA and BBBB respectively) are A/B (A for Scarlet, B for Violet)+ Their normal version's japanese name (generally the romanization used earlier in the list)
So the Volcaronas are like this

except Iron Bundle aka Delibird
0992: BKOORI

Koori is "Ice". So while the other paradoxes had a firm idea going into it, it seems like Delibird as the "ice" Paradox was decided later.

I love this stuff and it's so interesting.

First thing I want to point out.

0929: UMIDHIGUDA (Wiglett)
0930: UMITORIO (Wugtrio)
1006: OKAKINGU (Toedscool)
1007: OKAGYARADOSU (Toedscruel)

Naming conventions here:
  • Umi is Sea. So these names work out to be Sea Diglett and Sea Dugtrio.
  • Oka is Hill. So these names are Hill... Magikarp and Hill... Gyarados?
Yeah, it seems like the Toedscruel line was initially envisioned as a Magikarp line. Given that they are late additions to the game, they likely didn't have time to update the internal name.

And now our Paradoxes:
0978: ADONFAN -> Donphan
0979: AMOROBARERU -> Ungaboongus
0980: AKETUBAN -> Missing Number (Suicune)
0981: AREAKOIRU -> Magneton
0982: APURIN -> Jigglypuff
0983: AMUUMA -> Misdreavus
0984: AURUGAMOSU -> Volcarona
0985: AAAAA -> Salamence
0986: BDONFAN -> Donphan
0987: BKETUBAN -> Missing Number (Virizion)
0988: BURUGAMOSU -> Volcarona
0989: BHARITEYAMA -> Hariyama
0990: BSAZANDORA -> Hydreigon
0991: BBANGIRASU -> Tyranitar
0992: BKOORI -> ? (Delibird)
0993: BBBBB -> Gallade

So we see the dummied out Suicune and Virizion here, which is to be expected given that what we know. We can also infer from the list two other things:
  • The Paradoxes for Salamence and Gallade were late additions to the game, given that they didn't get completed internal names. They were likely added once they decided to hold back Suicune and Virizion for DLC.
  • The Delibird paradox was originally only conceived as an Ice-type Paradox (Kori is Ice). Late in development was it decided to be based on Delibird as its internal name was never updated.
(damn I type up the post and everyone has talked about it already ;( )
Very clear that Game Freak wanted to do with an Ice-type Paradox as to not miss an oppotunity of an Ice-type Paradox, but couldn't decide on what Ice-type Pokémon could get it without picking away Eiscue and leave Stonjourner without a Paradox counterpart.

Since there's no Gen 6-8 Pokémon used as the basis for the Paradox Beasts, this leave this list of Ice-type Pokémon while excluding form changes, Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon and Regional Forms:
  • Dewgong (Seel does not have Ice-type until evolving)
  • Cloyster (Shellder does not have Ice-type until evolving)
  • Jynx line
  • Lapras (eliminated due to already having Gigantamax form in SwSh)
  • Sneasel line (eliminated due to Sneasel having a regional form in PLA)
  • Swinub line
  • Delibird (The base for the dedicated Ice-type Paradox)
  • Snorunt line (including Froslass)
  • Spheal line
  • Snover line
  • Glaceon (can't be picked due to being one of eight Eeveelutions and the massive discord it could cause among Eevee fans if only Glaceon gets it)
  • Vanillite line
  • Cubchoo line
  • Cryogonal
Now as to why they decided to with Delibird of all Pokémon in the end is a mystery. But using a currently single-stage Pokémon, especially one that is pathetic and usually lategame, surely makes Iron Bundle standing out even more among the other Paradox Beasts.

Maybe it is a way to give a parallel to Flutter Mane, since the latter is based of Misdreavus who was once single-staged? Maybe it is GF's Gen 9 penguin for those who hated Eiscue? Maybe just because GF wanted to make a fast Ice / Water Pokémon and decided that Iron Bundle would be a logical choice? Or it could be that GF just wanted to have a cute one among the menacing, robotic Iron Beasts, and Delibird hits the right spot for cute and Ice-type, even if another cute Pokémon can fill the niche for the base just fine by having the Iron counterpart to get the Ice-type.

It really stood out for the right reasons, one thing for sure.

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