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Scarlet and Violet are finally upon us! A new generation means many advances in mechanics, strategy, and the general VGC playerbase, but most of all: a chaotic early metagame. While we wait for the metagame to develop some, this thread will be used as a quick reference for Pokemon that could see play in the new games. Do note that this is by dex order and sprite integration will be progressively updated throughout the thread. Noms and questions are welcome, but please post with effort and be respectful.

Talonflame :talonflame:
Corviknight :corviknight:
Azumarill :azumarill:
Floatzel :floatzel:
Gardevoir :gardevoir:
Gengar :gengar:
Raichu :raichu:
Tsareena :tsareena:
Staraptor :staraptor:
Lilligant :lilligant:
Breloom :breloom:
Hariyama :hariyama:
Garchomp :Garchomp:
Gyarados :gyarados
Torkoal :torkoal:
Bronzong :bronzong:
Goodra :goodra:
Sylveon :sylveon:
Toxtricity :toxtricity:
Pachirisu :pachirisu:
Amoonguss :amoonguss:
Magnezone :magnezone:
Arcanine :arcanine:
Weavile :weavile:
Gothitelle :Gothitelle:
Mimikyu :mimikyu:
Indeedee-F :indeedee-F:
Scizor :scizor:
Krookodile :krookodile:
Mudsdale :mudsdale:
Volcarona :volcarona:
Salamence :salamence:
Hatterene :hatterene:
Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:
Sableye :sableye:
Dragapult :dragapult:
Rotom-A :rotom:
Oranguru :oranguru:
Tyranitar :tyranitar:
Slowbro :slowbro:
Slowking :slowking:
Gastrodon :gastrodon:
Dragonite :dragonite
Abomasnow :abomasnow:
Hydreigon :hydreigon:
Great Tusk
Scream Tail
Brute Bonnet
Flutter Mane
Slither Wing
Sandy Shocks
Iron Treads
Iron Bundle
Iron Hands
Iron Jugulis
Iron Moth
Iron Thorns
Iron Valiant
Wo-Chien (Grass/Dark)
Chien-Pao (Ice/Dark)
Ting Lu (Ground/Dark)
Chi Yu (Fire/Dark)
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Kilowattrel for S tier
Despite not seeing a super high amount of usage on showdown in the early days of the VGC23 Series 1 format, I think this mon is capable of applying more pressure than any other flying type in the format (except maybe dnite, although it usually terastals into a normal type). Why? It's thanks to competitive. Kilowattrel is easily the best competitive user we’ve gotten up to this point because it has all the tools it needs to be a threat even when its ability isn't activated, and then competitive makes it go from good to great.

Other competitive users have lacked good typing or good stats which prevented them from applying said pressure unless they got the competitive boost. Kilowattrel boasts 125 base speed along side a respectable 105 base SpA, and electric/flying stab combination is capable of hitting just about all of the metagame for neutral damage. Its movepool includes plenty of strong stab options for it to use, including tbolt, volt switch, air slash, and hurricane, and it also gets access to tailwind which allows it to support its team with really fast speed control. It pairs really well with ground types, allowing players to utilize ye old DisQuake combo, a player's choice favorite since VGC started. It even gets some interesting options for other moves that it can use, including endeavor, weather ball, feather dance, eerie impulse, and of course tera blast.

While these tools alone make it a solid mon, they aren't really enough to justify S tier. But as mentioned previously, having access to competitive is what pushes it up for me. I don't think there's ever been a VGC meta where the ability intimidate hasn't been a dominate presence; it can be found on almost every team. Alongside intimidate, players use moves such as snarl, parting shot, icy wind, etc. to lower their opponent's stats. There are even times when moves such as moonblast and shadow ball cause a stat to be dropped. All of these result in Kilowattrel getting a +2 stat boost in its SpA (although in cases like snarl, it will end up being at +1 after the drop). It goes from being solid to deadly. More frail mons will get one shot before they have a chance to retaliate. Pokemon that get hit for SE damage, like Amoonguss and Azumarill, will no longer be able to take a hit. Even bulkier mons that can take a hit, like Garchomp, have to be afraid because if air slash manages to pull its 30% flinch chance, these pokemon could lose their ability to beat Kilowattrel. If opponents want to avoid turning the Gull into the demon it's capable of being, it forces them to play very cautiously with their mons that lower opposing stats. They might not be able to switch in their Arcanine to weaken an opposing physical attacker, or they might refuse to parting shot in fear that Kilowattrel will switch in to absorb it and end up at +3.

This is the pressure that Kilowattrel applies. Not only does it have raw offense and fast speed control, but it also restricts opponents play. To me, this makes the mon one of the best in the format. On the other hand, other players might not find the same level of use with this mon that I have, and there's also the matter of Kilowattrel's flaws, most notably its severe frailty. Because of these, it can be argued that S tier is too high for it. This is a fair argument, and I would understand if people thought A tier was a fairer spot for it. However, I think any lower than A tier is too low for a mon that can do everything that Kilowattrel can do. And as Sena from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 always says, "Haha, I'm the girl with the Gull." (I know she says gall, no need to correct it)

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