School Talk

Talk about your school life, what you like or not, what troubles your and what makes you happy.

Personally i get troubled by the fact i will never feel like a freshman again, the careless faces of freshman people almost make me jealous.
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I really try not to engage in pointless whining about the classes I'm in or drama about test and professors unless I know that's exactly what the person I'm talking to is looking for. If you hate that shit, Grey Knight, I would avoid grad school like the plague because that is all the large majority of students there are interesting in talking about on a day to day basis. Deadlines and anything related I never want to talk about though, that's completely off the table.

You're right, though, it can be hard for really studious people especially in the sciences to have well developed interests elsewhere. I'm guilty of this, so are a lot of people, and there's a big gap where it's difficult to engage with people outside that sphere on those topics. Whenever I make an effort to meet a lot of new people I realize I don't know what people want to talk about and I tend to overthink it. That and talking to people about the trivialities surrounding our acquaintance's lives tends to be as frustrating to me as school talk seems to be for you.


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It's perfectly normal for science students to discuss about their subjects because they love their subjects in the first place.

It's just maybe school is not for you. Just go find other people.
(It's not your fault neither. It's just not everyone would like everyone.)
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am I the only one who completely understands what you mean? Sometimes I find it really hard to connect with people in my friendgroup because they're mostly all majoring in a different subject. Which means all they talk about some days are the classes they have in common, the teachers, the homework, etc. It can be really frustrating when all I hear is about how hard their test was or how the study session was bad even when we're not studying together but going out on a Friday night or something. Like come on, there's more to life than school... It makes me appreciate my few really good friends a lot more because at least they have a variety of interests.

I think people like to latch onto one aspect of their lives they share in common with others because it makes for easy, thoughtless conversation. Definitely not specific to school talk, but I agree it can get really bad in certain environments where you're living and breathing your studies all day


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It would be much nicer if this thread gets turned into a thread where people can discuss their own problems in school.
Rather than just a one person's rant over something .
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