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Welcome to the Smogon Champions League II Discussion Thread -- OU edition! This thread will be used to discuss OU in SCL II related topics, whether it’s about the players, general metagame trends, matches, and so on. Predictions will have its own thread.

Commencement Thread


OU Player Cores
(expected starters are bolded)

Orange Islanders -- mind gaming, Sage, TPP, avarice, BlazingDark, RaiZen1704, stathakis
Uncharted Terrors -- Eternal Spirit, Twixtry, xavgb, false, Kushalos, Yelodash
Circuit Breakers -- Ayaka, devin, Punny, damien the genius, Fakee, H.M.N.I.P, Maki, LNumbers, robjr
Power Plant Dynamos -- bbeeaa, Gtcha, Shafofficiel, Enzonana., Kate
Showdown Shoguns -- blunder, Bushtush, lax, Chaitanya, crying, CTC, Gilbert arenas, ima, Raichy, reyscarface, -Tsunami-
Indigo Platoon -- Finchinator, ez, MichaelderBeste2, Leru, Ruft, snaga, TDK
Arena Spartans -- Ewin, March Fires, MAX UND MAX, SiTuM, Lily, Akaru Kokuyo, Relous
Technical Machines -- Raiza, Separation, xray, ninjadog, pokemonisfun, Malekith, Pais
Mount Silver Foxes -- INSULT, M Dragon, Tace, Aberforth, dcae, Raptor, watashi
Studio Gible -- Santu, TJ, Xrn, aim, Fc, kythr, London Beats

Here's to a fun SCL!​

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