SCL III - Player Signups [USE THE FORM LINKED IN THE OP TO SIGN UP] [Auction September 17th @ 2 PM GMT -4]

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If you wish to play in the Smogon Champions League, you must sign up in this thread. The Smogon Champions League is an 11 week event at minimum, and has the potential to stretch on a bit further depending on tiebreak situations. Only sign up if you can be active for the majority of this time, as a high level of activity is expected. This includes several things, such as communicating with your team and getting your games done, and maintaining a competitive attitude even after your team has already been eliminated. It is in your own best interest to show off your best side. For general guidelines on what to do and what not to do, refer to Luigi's guidelines here.

A reminder of rulings relevant to player signups that hold true for this year:
  1. Players may not be traded at any point
  2. Midseason signups are restricted to people that signed up for the original auction.
  3. There will be a severe penalty for any team that picks up a known alt of a banned player, or any player masquerading as another person to lower their cost in the auction. This has not been a big issue in the past, but it is important to establish that both parties will be penalized immediately and harshly if they are found doing so.
The tiers this year are
SV Ubers

This year's managers will be:
Arena Spartans: Hayburner + Vulpix03
Circuit Breakers: Garay oak + Lunala
Indigo Platoon: Star + Tony
Mt. Silver Foxes: Raptor + njnp
Orange Islanders: Stone Cold + Leru
Power Plant Dynamos: Luthier + Tricking
Showdown Shoguns: ima + Vert
Studio Gible: false + Sjneider
Technical Machines: Amaranth + -Howkings
Uncharted Terrors: shiloh + Gingy

If you are interested in playing, be aware that any team may buy you, and you are expected to play for any one of them. Only list tiers in your signup that you are willing to play. These signups are binding for almost the entire tour, they will affect how the managers will see you, and you are expected to play them if necessary. If you would not consider seriously playing a tier in a tournament, do not list it. Do not make dumb joke posts about playing tiers you don't care for.

For the duration of SCL's regular season, players are not allowed to play in the tiers listed as "NOT played" in their signups post. They will only be allowed to play those tiers starting in playoffs. We will be enforcing this rule for ALL players, regardless of price tag. This is intended to address price fixing and encourage players to sign up for tiers they are most skilled in, rather than attempt to reduce their auction price.

To be crystal clear: "Tiers NOT Played" will bind you from playing in those tiers, and you should use it only if you do not intend to play that tier under any circumstance for the entire regular season. "Tiers Played" is a non-binding field that you can use to communicate your preferences to all managers.

You are generally expected to participate in your team's Discord. While we understand that activity levels may vary, this is the core portion of SCL, and what makes it fun. Your team's Discord server is where your team will hang out, discuss strategies and just have fun without worrying about the game. This is where teams come together (or fall apart), and likely the most integral part to the entire tournament.

To sign up for SCL III, fill out this form:

Signups will remain open until 48 hours before the auction's set time

For everything else, refer to the Commencement Thread. Have a great season, everyone!
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