Scrabble League + Workshop

The Scrabble Room on Pokemon Showdown will be running a Scrabble league! Signups open today, and will close on the evening of February 3rd. To signup, simply message any room staff in the room.

The rough way this will work will be: A week after signups close (so sometime on Feb 3rd), a draft will be held in the Scrabble Room, and every player that signed up will be placed on one of 4 teams. For the next 3 weeks, there will be a round-robin format, with each team playing an as yet unspecified number of games against one other team, over the course of the week. Finally, the top 2 teams from the Round-Robin stage will compete in the finals! Prizes TBA.

Not sure how to play Scrabble? Come join us on January 27th, at 2pm EST, for a workshop! We'll be teaching how to play, and some tricks to improve your play. No need to sign up for this, just stop on by!
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