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My suggestion is a small one: the Xenforo search function, which is what I use when searching for a Pokémon's analysis which is not on-site, seems to not allow three-letter Pokémon names, such as "Mew" and "Muk", which has proven annoying on a few occasions.

Is there a way to change this?


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You could probably whitelist the names somehow, allowing 3 letter searches in general though might be problematic. The reason it's limited by default is that shorter terms take a lot more resources to run. That might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but it's true.

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To be honest, this isn't actually that crucial of a fix. Because the main site search was down for so long, I just got used to manually typing in, but now the main site search is back, allowing you to search for analyses and such with it. You just can't make the search with Xenforo's search function.

Click the Smogon crest thing at the top of the page, and it should take you back to the home page. There you can search for analyses, even for Mew and Muk!

The Xenforo search only searches the forums anyways, so you wouldn't be able to get analyses through it. You'd only be able to get things such as discussion threads and usage statistics, a la:

Still, it should probably allow you to search for Pokemon, but I don't see it being a high priority.
Right, but that's not what I meant, actually: the BW analyses are all well and good, but I use the xenforo search when I'm looking for XY analyses, and it seems to me to be by far the quickest way to do so, except when the Pokémon's name has three letters.

Edit: for instance, I can search titles only for a Pokemon in just the OU analyses subforum.


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You didn't help.
Fizz is obviously trying to search for Pokemon analysis that aren't onsite yet, which are still threads in C&C. What you described only works with the BW analyses / any analysis onsite... which Fizz just said wasn't what he was looking for.

For what it's worth, using the Google-powered site search with the keywords "[pokemon name] sixth generation contributions" seems to consistently yield the WIP XY analysis, if there is one, as the first result, so doing this could help strip out the extra discussion threads/wifi offers if you're trying to find the analysis as soon as possible.
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