Season 16 (Week 8 [DPP OU #1]) Won by Masterclass

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Ok I had to repost, badabing asked for me to spit bars:

The moment I saw this thread, i was sure i was gonna win
you can see da fear in dese nikkas when i posted ''in''
got davidness first round, had no idea what that nikka was doin
made some weird ass moves and he got me movin'
Next round I can't remember who i played.. man im that good
Whooped nelson's ass round 3 like i knew i would
got ojama round 4 nikka is always in a bad mood
spewing his rage around when he aint even that good
Sorry for the mean words man
but i swear to you im being as truthful as i can
my hearts dead.. semi finals came threw my friend frexa in the trash can
Got a nigga named raichy in the finals, one match from victory
That nigga got a taste of the definition of misery
he brought a clefable against masterclass(LOL).. and the rest is history
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