Season 20 (Week 4 [ORAS OU #2]) Won by cosine180

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Post "in" or "tunak tunak tun" to participate. Be aware that you can only join two tours this week!

- This tournament will be held on the official Smogon Tournament server at
- Send a PM to "Kingler12345" on Smogtours or IRC when you win your match. Do NOT PM the host if you lost.

Additionally, please note that today's tour is ORAS OU! The current ban list on Smogon University is in effect.

General Smogon Tour rules:
  • You must have a Smogon forum account to sign up for a Smogon Tour tournament. You cannot participate if you do not post in this thread.
  • When this tour is posted, post as quickly as you can to ensure a place in the tournament. The number of spots available will vary from week to week, and it is up to the discretion of the host on when sign-ups will be closed. On Xenforo (our current forum software), YOUR POST NUMBER IS NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE. Do NOT whine to the host or on Smogtours if your post number implies you should have been in the tournament and you are not.
  • Substitute players will only be applied in the first round and as deemed necessary by the host.
  • If you have signed up successfully, you must stay for the entire tournament unless you have lost.
  • You may change teams between rounds without penalty. You are, in fact, encouraged to do so to prevent your opponents from knowing your team in advance.
  • You may only participate in two Smogon Tour tournaments per week. For example, if you play on Friday and Saturday, you are not allowed to play on Sunday. If you do, your results will be null and void and you will LOSE points.
  • Do not hassle the host(s) of the current tournament.
Smogon Tour Battling rules:
  • All tiers are based on Smogon tiers. The current status of the appropriate standard ladder will function as the prevailing tier list. If you have any question about whether a particular Pokemon is banned or not in any particular tier, reference the banlist of the appropriate ladder on PS!. This is not confusing. There will be no exceptions.
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two (2) of the same species of Pokemon on their team, based on National Pokedex Number. For example, a player cannot have two Koffings on his or her team.
  • Sleep Clause: A player cannot put two or more different opposing Pokemon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokemon
  • Evasion Clause: A player cannot increase their Pokemon's evasion stat with a move that specifically increases evasion. Items or indirect boosts do not break this clause.
  • OHKO Clause: A player cannot use a move that has a chance of instantly KOing an opposing Pokemon. For example, Horn Drill or Sheer Cold are illegal moves.
  • Timer Clause: If a player exhausts the timer, he/she loses.
  • Self-KO Clause: If a player uses a recoil move to cause a draw, that player wins. If a player uses Explosion, Selfdestruct, Destiny Bond, or Perish Song to cause a draw, that player loses. If a draw would be caused by a hold item or ability that causes recoil to the opponent, the player that controls the Pokémon with the hold item or ability wins. (This clause helps determine the winner of what would be called a tie in DPPt. Later generations do not apply this clause, because their cartridge mechanics will prevent ties from happening.)
  • Endless Battle Clause: A player cannot use a combination of items / moves / abilities to force a game that will never end (example: Recycle / Leppa Berry / Heal Pulse, etc).

M Dragon vs Shoka
vs Mister Vre
Scorvol.71 vs Luispeikou
Level 56 vs Marshall.Law
iplaytennislol vs Diogo
vs badabing
Misugi vs Fradipagio
Korby vs NaCl
vs teal6
.CarloO~ vs Nuanda92
Serupiko vs Quite Quiet
littlelucario vs AAamen
Zepherox vs Disenchanted
vs Troller X
Floppy vs GeeMick
Coti vs Welli0u
vs Always!
Hyroiya vs Lolazo
vs -Tsunami-
-okara vs Mael
-Snow vs Lange
Niky vs bugzinator
vs Hyogafodex
Luckstard. vs cosine180
vs Smalls
giara vs galbia
boudouche vs Cristal
Analytic vs Albe
Unlucky Desperado
vs Reymedy
fleggumfl vs tyrannosaurusshrekted
xtra$hine vs Tele
EdwardElric15 vs High Impulse
pokebasket vs Alexander.
RedMaxx vs LuchaSombolo
Soldier vs Sweepage
Time Stall vs Fruitdealer
vs Chill Shadow
Tesung vs Mata!
Hyssou vs Akola
FLCL vs potato14798
vs Ada
Meh vs Omfuga
Goao vs Get this Money
Vinc2612 vs AtrociousDragon
Bedschibaer vs -Sora-
vs Jirachee
Prague Kick vs TDK
vs Montreal
jpw234 vs bluri
Galaghos vs BIHI
Zenadark vs Teddeh
vs Asuya
Gigo vs Zorori
C and E vs McMeghan
Adversary vs dragonlord94240
Hec vs Soulraiser
vs SoulWind
Go10 vs Ciele
Quaggster vs Zeno;
Ren_ vs KratosMana
jacob vs TewMew
vs Destiny Device
Updated Kanto vs Wind Ice
Axel™ vs hiyee


fleggumfl vs hiyee
candyflip vs boudouche
Aurious vs Disenchanted
TewMew vs giara
TDK vs cosine180
Mimolette vs KratosMana
.CarloO~ vs dice
vs LuchaSombolo
dragonlord94240 vs Meh
McMeghan vs Diogo
Tesung vs potato14798
Updated Kanto vs NaCl
Teddeh vs Fruitdealer
Haund vs Go10
vs xtra$hine
Fradipagio vs Duncajuwon
Bouffalant vs Shoka
. vs Soulraiser
Goao vs Unlucky Desperado
Serupiko vs Lange
vs Level 56
Albe vs Zeno;
Akola vs Omastar
Tricking vs -Sora-
Scorvol.71 vs Sweepage
vs jpw234
AAamen vs Private
Lolazo vs Vinc2612
vs North
Floppy gets a bye!


giara vs Unlucky Desperado
Tesung vs Go10
Private vs fleggumfl
Albe vs KratosMana
Welli0u vs Tricking
Lange vs -okara
Akola vs Fruitdealer
Disenchanted vs Alexander.
Floppy vs Vinc2612
Sweepage vs McMeghan
vs NaCl
Fradipagio vs Luigi.
PDC vs Zorori
dragonlord94240 vs Shoka
vs boudouche
RickyGao vs bugzinator


fleggumfl vs Tesung
Vinc2612 vs Zorori
KratosMana vs Luigi.
Okara vs cosine180
McMeghan vs giara
vs Alexander.
Tricking vs Shoka
vs bugzinator


Shoka vs KratosMana
fleggumfl vs cosine180
vs Akola
giara vs Vinc2612


dice vs giara
cosine180 vs Shoka


cosine180 vs dice
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