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Hi everyone, here's the Role Compendium for VGC21 Series 10, I used the series 9 one and removed mentions to Gmax and unviable mons, hope you like it.
For the new pople around here, a Role Compendium helps players to find a Pokémon that could fill specific roles, for example Incineroar, a really useful Intimidate user, will be listed on the intimidate category.
You all can post on this thread to suggest a Pokémon to add or remove in a specific category.


Chlorophyll: :Venusaur::Lilligant:

Swift Swim::Kingdra::

Other field effects
Trick Room Setters: :Porygon2::Lunala::Calyrex-Ice::Necrozma-Dusk Mane::Necrozma-Dawn Wings::Dusclops: :Nihilego: :Comfey: :Stakataka: :Whimsicott::Gothitelle::Mimikyu:
Trick Room Abusers::Stakataka::Calyrex-Ice::Tsareena::Glastrier::Araquanid::Torkoal::Marowak-Alola:

Elecric Terrain
Setters::Tapu Koko:
Abusers: :Regieleki:
Grassy Terrain
Setters: :Rillaboom:
Misty Terrain
Setters::Tapu Fini:
Psychic Terrain
:Indeedee-F::Tapu Lele:
Abusers::Calyrex-Shadow::Lunala::Necrozma-Dawn Wings:


Fake Out: :Incineroar::Rillaboom::Hitmontop::Mienshao::Raichu::Grimmsnarl::Gothitelle::Ludicolo::Sableye:
Helping Hand::Mienshao::Comfey::Whimsicott::Tsareena::Urshifu::Dusclops::Indeedee-F::Hitmontop::Politoed:
Taunt: :Incineroar::Crobat::Mimikyu::Gothitelle::Whimsicott::Grimmsnarl::Zapdos-Galar::Mienshao::Tornadus: :Thundurus::Tsareena::Spectrier::Rillaboom::Talonflame:
Fake Tears: :Whimsicott::Grimmsnarl:
Safeguard: :Volcarona::Comfey::Indeedee-F::Whimsicott:
Haze::Crobat::Tapu Fini:
Wide Guard: :Celesteela::Lunala::Stakataka::Hitmontop::Araquanid::Mienshao::Aegislash::Swampert:
Prankster: :Whimsicott::Grimmsnarl::Tornadus::Sableye::Thundurus:
Defiant: :Thundurus::Zapdos-Galar:
Trapping::Gothitelle:(Shadow Tag) :Zygarde: (Thousand Waves)
Perish Song::Politoed:
Imprison::Dusclops::Gothitelle:(+Trick Room) :Zacian: (counter to opposing Zacian):Calyrex-Shadow: (counter to opposing Calyrex Shadow)
Immune to Intimidate::Mienshao::Entei::Metagross::Mamoswine::Dragapult:
Queenly Majesty: :Tsareena:
Volt Switch::Regieleki::Tapu Koko::Raichu::Thundurus:
U-turn::Incineroar:(Assault Vest) :Rillaboom::Landorus-Therian::Tapu Koko::Tsareena::Dragapult::Scizor::Mienshao::Urshifu:

Follow Me:
Rage Powder: :Amoonguss::Volcarona:
Storm Drain: :Gastrodon:
Lightning Rod: :Raichu::Marowak-Alola:
Ally Switch: :Porygon2::Comfey: :Dusclops::Shedinja:

Speed control
Icy Wind::Tapu Fini::Tornadus::Politoed::Suicune:
Electroweb: :Regieleki::Tapu Koko::Raichu::Thundurus:
Scary Face: :Grimmsnarl: :Thundurus:
Bulldoze: :Entei::Suicune:
Cotton Spore::Whimsicott:

Priority Attacks
Mach Punch:
Extreme Speed: :Entei: :Regieleki:
Ice Shard: :Mamoswine::Ninetales-Alola:
Aqua Jet: :Urshifu Rapid Strike:
Bullet Punch: :Scizor::Metagross: :Hitmontop:
Grassy Glide: :Rillaboom::Tsareena:
Sucker Punch: :Bisharp:
:Cinderace: :Urshifu: :Grimmsnarl:
Shadow sneak::Shedinja::Aegislash:

Strongest Damage Dealers::Landorus::Zacian::Calyrex-Shadow::Xerneas::Kyogre::Calyrex-Ice::Urshifu:


Intrepid Sword::Zacian-Crowned:
Swords Dance::Zacian-Crowned::Necrozma-Dusk Mane::Groudon::Calyrex-Ice::Landorus-Therian::Kartana::Rillaboom::Scizor:
Dragon Dance::Zygarde: :Necrozma-Dusk Mane: :Dragapult:
Nasty Plot: :Calyrex-Shadow::Moltres-Galar::Hydreigon:
Cosmic Power::Eternatus:
Quiver Dance: :Volcarona:
Meteor Beam::Eternatus::Lunala::Nihilego:
Iron Defense: :Ferrothorn:
Weakness Policy: :Necrozma-Dusk Mane: :Calyrex-Ice:
Choice Band: :Urshifu-gmax: :Urshifu-rapid-strike-gmax::Dracovish::Rillaboom: :Scizor:
Choice Specs: :Regieleki::Tapu Fini::Tapu Lele::Calyrex-Shadow:
Choice Scarf: :Kyogre::Calyrex-Shadow::Zapdos-Galar::Dracovish::Tapu Lele:

Damage Reduction

Dual Screens: :Grimmsnarl: :Dragapult::Tapu Koko::Regieleki:
Intimidate: :Incineroar::Landorus-Therian::Hitmontop:
Charm: :Raichu::Whimsicott:
Eerie Impulse: :Raichu: :Porygon2: :Regieleki: :Thundurus:
Snarl & Struggle Bug: :Incineroar::Suicune::Mandibuzz:
:Entei:(Snarl) :Volcarona: (Struggle Bug)
Parting Shot: :Incineroar:


Sleep: (Sleep Powder) :Venusaur: (Hypnosis) :Milotic::Gothitelle::Politoed: (Yawn) :Torkoal::Gastrodon::Umbreon:(Spore) :Amoonguss:
Burn: (Will-O-Wisp) :Shedinja::Dragapult::Dusclops::Sableye::Entei::Incineroar::Talonflame::Volcarona: (Burning Jealousy) :Torkoal::Incineroar: (Sacred Fire) :Ho-Oh::Entei:
Paralysis: (Thunder Wave) :Regieleki::Grimmsnarl::Thundurus::Zapdos::Porygon2::Dragapult:(Nuzzle) :Raichu:
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Ho-Oh is incorrectly listed as learning Tailwind.

Under the priority category, Bullet Punch is incorrectly spelled as Buller Punch.
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Awesome Giokio. Thank you for all the stuff you are doing for the community! Could you add liligant to chlorophyll and sleep powder? It's a tech with groudon by allowing Eruption or Precipice Blades with after you. Adding Ludicolo to the swift swimmers since it provides fake out and is also in the viability rankings
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:Calyrex-shadow: I think calyrex-s is a fine Imprison user.

:Groudon: Add to Swords Dance lol.

:Urshifu-rapid-strike-gmax: :Urshifu-gmax: :Mienshao::Scizor: All of these can run U-turn for momentum.

:Ludicolo: Ludicolo is on the VR and should be added to Fake Out and Swift Swim

:Hitmontop: :Scizor: Also learns Feint like Mienshao

:Mandibuzz: Won the rose tower clash 6 and has an alright niche as a tailwind setter that deals with calyrex-s mienshao. it also runs Snarl.

:Spectrier: :Tapu koko: These both could run Taunt not so sure if you'd afford it on koko however.

:Tapu fini: :Crobat:I think a Haze section would be nice, and maybe Politoed

:Eternatus: :Nihilego::Lunala:
Meteor beam is a boosting move no?

:necrozma-dusk-mane: :Necrozma-dawn-wings: Both of these can set up TR

:Cinderace: Is this thing viable at all? so should it be in Sucker Punch

:Spectrier: Should be in Snarl and Will-O-Wisp

:Aegislash: :Shedinja: Add a new shadow sneak section to priority with these in it.

:Shedinja: Add Shedinja to wisp.

:Toxicroak: I think this Pokemon is alright and could be added to Fake Out and Feint.

could a substitute section be added?
:Zacian-crowned: :Groudon: :Calyrex-shadow: :Landorus:
Stuff to be added to the compendium
should be added to the icy wind and snarl
should be added to sucker punch and snarl. No one uses it as a set up mon anymore it is used more like a cheaper yveltal.
:Lilligant: should be added to sleep powder, Chlorophyll ( maybe adding a after you section)
to after you section
both are being used in the meta rn and should be added to the shadow sneak section
should be added to the abuser section for trickroom
:Urshifu-rapid-strike-gmax: :Urshifu-gmax: Both of the Urshifu forms can viably run Choice Scarf

:Milotic: Milotic is on the VR, it can run Helping Hand, Hypnosis and or Icy Wind.

:Weezing: :Weezing-galar: Both of these are on the VR, they should be added to Taunt and Will-O-Wisp

Also it seems you missed Ludicolo in swift swim and it should probably be in Icy Wind to.

:Swampert: Should be added to Icy Wind.

:Rillaboom: Add Drum Beating to speed control some people in tournaments have used Drum Beating Rillaboom, and its an ok option for speed control. 8th place at the world cup open. and 4th place at the world cup open.

:Entei: :Incineroar: :Suicune: (Roar) :Volcarona: (Whirlwind) Maybe a fazing section in utility

:Drifblim: On the VR, should be added to Wisp, Tailwind, and as a Grass terrain abuser.(Just stick with grassy for now idk if it has seen success outside grass terrain)

:Glastrier: Unviable should be removed from TR abusers.


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:lilligant: - Not in VR, shouldn't be Chlorophyll
:ludicolo: - Add Ludicolo on Swift Swim / Icy Wind
:tsareena: - As a Tsareena user myself I am not sure if she falls into "Trick Room abuser". She has low Speed? Yes, but that is not enough to underspeed anything relevant, in Trick Room it is just Calyrex-I food.
Safeguard - Same as S9 in my opinion, Safeguard is not relevant at all in the current meta, plus all of the Safeguard Pokémon would prefer another move in that slot. Probably remove it
:regieleki: - Remove from E-Speed nobody runs that (not even in Pikalytics)
:necrozma-dawn-wings: - Should be in Meteor Beam as well
:naganadel: - I think Naganadel is worth adding in Nasty Plot
:aegislash: - add to WP
:yveltal: - add to Sucker Punch
:thundurus: - Should be removed from Defiant
:tapu koko: :dragapult: - I am not sure if they should be in Double Screens
:ditto: - Should be added to Choice Scarf

:kyurem-black: - Plus I agree with everything Yourwelcomethanku nominated

Last but not least add :lopunny: to Cosmic Power
:Kommo-o: and :Calyrex-Ice: - Add to Iron Defense

:Regieleki: can viably run Choice Scarf as a TornOgre Counter

:Entei: runs Choice scarf as well

:Latias: could be added to Tailwind and Icy Wind

:Pelipper: is a relevant Tailwind Setter as well, it can run Icy Wind and Wide Guard too

:Gyarados: can be added to Intimidate, Icy Wind and Thunder Wave.

:Calyrex-Shadow: is seeing play with Choice Scarf.

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