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  • Servine stands out in the ZU metagame thanks to its decent Speed, exceptionally mixed bulk, and access to a great STAB move that allows it to boost its Special Attack stat by two stages.
  • 83 base Speed allows Servine to out speed notable Pokemon such as Komnala, Poliwrath, Sandslash, and Shiftry.
  • Servine's mixed bulk helps it fall into an offensive support role. Its access to great utility moves such as Defog, Glare, and Taunt also support this role.
  • Leaf Storm coupled with Servine's ability, Contrary, allow it to abuse a relatively free Special Attack boosts.
  • Unfortunately, Servine faces a lot of competition from other Grass-types such as Exeggutor, Gourgeist-XL, Shiinotic, and Shiftry.
  • Servine is often overshadowed as a Defog user due to the plethora of hazard removers that call ZU home such as Altaria, Komala, Sandslash, and Silvally.
name: Offensive Support
move 1: Leaf Storm
move 2: Taunt
move 3: Synthesis
move 4: Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Fire
item: Eviolite
ability: Contrary
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 Spe

  • Leaf Storm is Servine's strongest STAB which also grants it a setup opportunity by boosting its Special Attack two stages upon use.
  • Taunt allows Servine to stall break rendering Pokemon such as Mareanie, Bronzor, Dusclops, and Lickilicky useless. Additionally, it can help stop the setup of entry hazards from Pokemon that Servine can have trouble with such as Camerupt, Monferno, and the previously mentioned Bronzor.
  • Synthesis helps Servine maintain its longevity, allowing it to maintain its role as offensive support.
  • Hidden Power Ice hits Flying- and Grass-types such as Altaria, Shiinotic, and Shiftry.
  • Alternatively, Hidden Power Fire allows Servine to hit Grass-types as well as prevalent Steel-types such as Metang, Pawniard, and Bronzor.
Set Details
  • Servine requires a maximum HP investment in order to make use of its mixed bulk.
  • A maximum Speed investment allows Servine to outspeed Pokemon such as Lycanroc-Midnight, Gabite, and Shiftry.
  • The only viable ability is Contrary as it grants Servine boosting opportunities.
  • Eviolite provides Servine with a noticeable buff to its already decent mixed bulk.
Usage Tips

  • Servine can handle a majority of ZU's hazard setters such as Golem, Mawile, Sandslash, and Marowak. Because of this Servine should make it a priority to prevent them from setting entry hazards.
  • Because of Leaf Storm’s limited PP, it's important to conserve it until Pokemon such as Bouffalant, Altaria, Bronzor, and Muk are dealt with.
  • Servine should avoid becoming crippled with status from Pokemon such as Golem, Sandslash, Mawile, and Bronzor. This hampers its role in providing offensive support for its team.
  • Servine appreciates the boost that Eviolite gives it, so it should avoid moves like Knock Off, Trick, and Switcheroo from Pokemon like Komala, Floatzel, Mr. Mime.
Team Options

  • Servine appreciates Pokemon that can smash through Special walls such as physical Swanna, Expert Belt Electivire, Golem, and Granbull.
  • Entry hazard support from Pokemon such as Golem, Mawile, and Crustle help wear Pokemon that threaten Servine such as Rapidash, Swanna, and Rotom-S. It's also worth noting that Servine can punish opposing Defog users thanks to Contrary.
  • Pokemon that can absorb Knock Off such as Silvally formes like Silvally-Water and Silvally Dragon tend to make for good partners, as well as Pokemon that carry Z-moves like Combusken, Rapidash, and Swanna.
  • Bulky Water-types such as Poliwrath, Mareanie, and Pyukumuku pair well with Servine as they're able to take advantage of opposing Fire-types that threaten Servine such as Rapidash, Combusken, and Simisear.
Other Options

  • Knock Off can be used to remove Eviolite and Leftovers thus crippling defensive Pokemon such as Bronzor, Mareanie, and Mawile.
  • A more defensive set utilizing 180 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpA / 72 Spe with a Bold nature can be used in conjunction with Knock Off and Glare to support slower wall breakers such as Camerupt, Marowak, Mawile, and Toucannon.
  • Substitute and Leech Seed can be used with one another to create a SubSeed set which allows it to take advantage of slower Pokemon.
  • Choice Scarf can also be run as a late-game sweeper option, but its lackluster Speed stat leaves it outsped by other common Choice Scarf Pokemon such as Electivire, Silvally, and Swanna.
Checks and Counters
**Fire-types**: Fire-types such as Combusken, Rapidash, and Simisear all threaten Servine with their STAB moves. Combusken, in particular, is worth mentioning due to its ability Speed Boost which allows it to use Servine as set up fodder.

**Flying-types** Swanna, Rotom-S, and Altaria are all prevalent Flying-types that beat Servine. Not to mention, Altaria can effectively wall Servine if it lacks Hidden Power Ice.

**Grass Immunities and Resists** Pokemon that carry the ability Sap Sipper such as Bouffalant and Zebstrika; can all easily check Servine. Pokemon that resist Servine's Leaf Storm such as Gourgeist-XL, Exeggutor, and, the previously mentioned, Altaria can all check Servine.

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