Sharpedo [Water] [QC 0/2] [GP 0/1]


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name: Life Orb
move 1: Protect
move 2: Crunch
move 3: Hydro Pump
move 4: Earthquake / Ice Beam
item: Life Orb
ability: Speed Boost
nature: Naive
evs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Good Attack and decent Speed stat combined with its ability, Speed Boost lets Sharpedo perform the role of a late-game cleaner for offensive Water-type teams. It also improves the teams matchup against types like Psychic and Ghost. Protect is important move on the set as it allows Sharpedo to safely gain a Speed boost especially when it is against Choice Scarf user like Gardevoir and Duraludon. Crunch allows Sharpedo to beat Psychic and Ghost-type Pokemon like Indeedee, Jirachi, Gengar, and Jellicent that can otherwise be hard for Water-type teams to deal with. Hydro Pump is the other STAB move which has increased damage with Rain support. It should be used to deal with Pokemon like Galarian Weezing, Skarmory, and Hippowdon. Late-game during the battle, Earthquake lets Sharpedo deal with Pokemon like Duraludon and Toxapex. Ice Beam is used for Pokemon like Hydreigon and Kommo-o which resist its STAB moves. It is advisable to preserve Sharpedo till late-game till its checks and counters like Amoongus, Ferrothorn, Bewear are weakened enough or taken out by its teammates. Also Sharpedo should not be directly switched into any attacks as it is the epitome of a glass cannon as even resisted attacks can deal hefty damage to it, rendering it too weak quickly in conjunction with Life Orb recoil damage. Maximum Attack and Speed investment along with a Naive nature lets Sharpedo speed tie with other base 95 Speed Pokemon like Indeedee and Kyurem while outspeeding Pokemon like Dragapult and Zeraora after a Speed boost. Life Orb is used as an item to boost the power behind its attacks.

Sharpedo benefits a lot from offensive teammates like Choice Specs Pelipper, Dracovish, Kingdra, Barraskewda,and Keldeo that can wallbreak for it and make it easier to clean up late-game. Setup sweepers like Cloyster, Azumarill and Blastoise can weaken shared checks and counters with Sharpedo like Ferrothorn, Toxapex, and Corviknight. Support Pokemon like Toxapex and Seismitoad can provide Sharpedo with Toxic Spikes and Stealth Rock support to weaken teams while Araquanid can provide it with Sticky Web support to outspeed even more Pokemon with its ability Speed boost.

- Written by: [[Harpp, 320110]]
- Water analysis by: [[Harpp, 320110]]
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