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Could anyone please help me find my Shiny Value? My FC is 2380-3650-6670, let me know through a PM if you can help me out (including your friend code), thank you :-)

Oh & my in-game name is Tyklone (Colby on 3DS)
Shiny value: 341
IGN: Lust
FC: 2423-3237-3518
- Petilil, Sunkern, Maractus
Contact: Smogon

Looking for
[3642], [3363], [2577], [2874], [3562], [3055]
[3125], [3768], [420], [2422], [3686], [1312]
[2945], [3335], [3321], [1239], [653], [1458]
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List has been updated with most of the SVs from last night
Hey man, im really sorry for the trouble but can u change mine value for 2963, i put it wrong in the first time, im really really very sorry, username leoronne
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3DS Name: Colby
Username in game: Tyklone
Trainer Shiny Value: 2923
Friend Code: 2380-3650-6670

Contact me here through PM or on NuggetBridge (same username)
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