Should Zebstrika be moved up from NU/ Scizor check

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I'm a guy who believes that is kinda of anti-tier, and I often use low-mid ranked Pokemon (but not for Black 2 because of simple preference). As I was battling someone on the battle finder with a full OU team against my Chandelure, Samurott, Unfezant, Gigalith, Stoutland, and Zebstrika, I noticed something very interesting. Zebstrika is a huge check to Scizor. It went like this: My opponent sends out his Scizor, beating my previous Pokemon. I, deciding to try something interesting, throw out my Zebstrika (Which is a much better physical attacker, BTW) and use Swagger. My opponent uses bullet punch, but the attack does minor damage to my Zebstrika because of typing. The swagger hits and confuses Scizor. Here is where things get interesting. I have my Zebstrika use flame charge to do the 4x damage and raise its speed. The Scizor tried to use bullet punch again (I assume), but because of it's confusion it attacks itself and almost self KO's. I then use flame charge and finish the Scizor and raise my Zebstrika's speed and proceed to win the match.

Here's why I think Zebstrika is a check to Scizor. First off, none of Scizor's movesets are of any danger to Zebstrika. Secondly, when I used swagger it raised Scizor's attack to extreme levels, however, because of it's low defense, when it attacks itself it does major damage. Zebstrika doesn't have to worry about this because of its speed and typing. Then, in two turns, I finish Scizor with flame charge and sweep the rest of his team. This is proof to me the Zebstrika may not be as NU as everyone thinks he is.

Here's my Zebstrika, BTW:

Zebstrika: Brave: Life Orb: Motor Drive
Flame Charge
Wild Charge

I just think that everyone is wanting Zebstrika to be this awesome special sweeper, when it just screams physical. I also think that because of its countering to Scizor is should be given a tier raise.
It countering Scizor??? Any Pokemon with a damn Fire-move can counter it xD.

In-game has literally nothing to do with competitive. Any smart player won't use Bullet Punch on Zebstrika, and it doesn't deserve to be moved up a tier. Sure, you can use him in OU **cough cough HP Fire Jolteon cough cough Fire Punch Electivire** but really, it has no merit as a Physical Attacker in NU.


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Pokemon change tiers because of usage, not from a discussion. Zebstrika may be able to beat Scizor, but lacks utility in every other compartment in OU.

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