Approved Show Arceus forms as minisprites in the teambuilder

Right now when you have an arceus in a teambuilder, it looks like this
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 5.49.56 PM.png

It's hard to quickly tell what arceus form that is, and especially in AG, where there are many teams with multiple arceus, the teambuilder can get kind of nasty. Probably a bit late of a request for a quality of life change, but would it be feasible to show minisprites that reflect the right arceus form just in the teambuilder (as opposed to representing every arceus as arceus-normal)?


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There doesn't exist different official minisprites for the various Arceus forms, similar to Silvally, Genesect, and other ones that don't have their specific form revealed at team preview. These would also only be used in the teambuilder, as they'd be an information leak in a battle otherwise, making it a kinda low priority to implement.

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