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Me and another player matched on ladder and I was led to believe that they had implemented a bot to automatically choose moves. Further into our convo they revealed that they were an "AI", in which my natural curiosity asked them which strategies they were using for the algorithm.

Turns out they were manually picking moves akin to how the in-game trainers decide upon their moves...

Strange idea in my opinion, but I do have to admit that it gave me a chuckle.


Where all is set.
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Hey I've been a Pokemon Showdown user for over 7 years now and throughout all of those years, I've accumulated far too many replays for my own good. If you do a public search for replays under my username you only be able to find about 1/3rd of the total replays I've saved on the account. The good thing about having so many replays is that with them, there is a likelihood that some of them came from battles where tremendously low odds occurred, while others came from battles where all the right circumstances happened to make the replay great.

Right below are the best replays I have ever saved on Pokemon Showdown.

This was a match where it seemed like all odds were against me. Not only was this the worst looking matchup I've ever seen in a randomized format's team preview, but this was the only Challenge Cup 1v1 match I've ever seen with a team as stacked as my opponent's. This says a lot because I've topped the Challenge Cup 1v1 ladder once, have won many roomtours for the format, and have played dozens of Challenge Cup 1v1 games in Random Battles Team Tours. If I remember correctly, out of all my Pokemon, I only checked the Watchog's set. Reading into the matchup and knowing what moves each of the Pokemon could have, I knew that if I had ANY chance of winning against the opposing player it was only going to be with Watchog. It had Leer and Low Kick! I had a game plan! The game plan worked a little too well and Watchog ended up beating the God of all Pokemon unscathed in a 1v1! It was hilarious

I was bored so I decided to try playing some Pokemon music. At some point, I ended up playing a 30 minute extended video of Miror B's theme from Pokemon Colosseum. I was into it. Really into it in fact. My head was bopping and dancing whole time. I suddenly went into the teambuilder and built a full team around Ludicolo with the urge to use it in battle. I needed a challenger. I challenged who was at the time, esteemed friend, AG roomauth and legendary Baton Pass user Xynix. She lost against the Ludicolo team. Apparently I was not done... I replaced something with a second Ludicolo and challenged her again. Won that match too. I kept going until I lost, which took having four Ludicolo in the team. I was living in the moment during each of those battles, but the one with 2 Ludicolo was specifically the best because unlike the rest of the games, the Ludicolo had a large part in dominating my Xynix's full Anything Goes team! This was the most fun of the four games I played and was honestly my favorite Anything Goes battle I've played last but not least, a tech admin ended up editing sounds to make Miror B's Pokemon Colosseum theme play in a match if a player has more than one Ludicolo on their team! I don't know when after this replay that was or who did it, but that's really cool and it makes this replay all the more special!

This replay is legendary. All the focus is mostly on the first two turns of this game. I used to ladder Gen 7 Anything Goes more than I've laddered just about any other format and honestly, my main account was cursed. Abominable hax on the account while playing Gen 7 Anything Goes was not new, but too frequent in fact. It was even fine when I went on other accounts. An example of this would be going through multiple phases where I'd randomly get critted on by Extreme Speed at least once every game for maybe 6 games in a row if not more. Out of all my instances of terrible luck on the Gen 7 Anything Goes ladder, this replay was the icing on the cake. I got hit by two Sheer Colds in a row from Metronome. If I counted and calculated correctly, the odds of this were 1 out of 9,333,025. Several other people have been able to attest the odds being around that number.

Here is the math:

I counted there to be 611 moves Metronome can select in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. The metagame I was playing was USUM Anything Goes.

1/611*1/611 = 1/373,321 (This is for Metronome to pull out the same move two times in a row)

The Pokemon who used it was Togekiss. The move it drew out was Sheer Cold. Sheer Cold normally has 30% accuracy but as of Gen 7, the move's accuracy is reduced to 20% if used by a non Ice-type.

1/5*1/5 = 1/25 (This is for a non Ice-type to hit Sheer Cold two times in a row in Gen 7)

Here's the end result:

1/25*1/373,321 = 1/9,333,025

My opponent didn't win a lottery ticket there but they might as well have. Those odds are far too astonishing in a Pokemon battle to not be recognized. I thought the game was bugged! When Fortemons was implemented as a monthly ladder, it received a lot of weird bugs and I felt it could have been affecting other ladders. I tested around Metronome for the rest of that game and realized this was no bug... this was just my sheer unluckiness in Gen 7 Anything Goes!

Edit: Also, hilarious for this interaction to have came out after getting hit by two Metronome Sheer Colds in a row, like it was something casual.

The opposing Togekiss used Metronome!

Waggling a finger let it use Sheer Cold!
(Arceus lost 100% of its health!)
It's a one-hit KO!
Arceus fainted!

Go! Arceus!

The opposing Togekiss used Metronome!

Waggling a finger let it use Sheer Cold!
(Arceus lost 100% of its health!)
It's a one-hit KO!
Arceus fainted!

The opposing Togekiss restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
☆Ransei ❤: Wait
☆I love meteroites: For what?
(Some logs were cut off in between to showcase this specific interaction)

Below are replays that are less "best" in terms of astonishing but more so just my other personal favorites.

At first glance, this seems like a regular battle where I 6-0ed. To me, this was a pivotal experience as a Hackmons player. This game was played right after a Classic Hackmons OM Daily Tournament, in which LadyLeumas had won. It was my 15th birthday and the Daily Tournament just happened to be Classic Hackmons. I missed it. This didn't bother me because I figured I could just challenge the winner of that tournament after. When I started playing Hackmons, I had the intention to become great at it! There is no other format I was so determined to be great at other than Hackmons. It took a lot of practice, a lot of tutoring, and some drastic measures in order to feel like I was a good enough player. A large backstory on much of it can be found in the Hopes and Dreams RMT. When I joined Pokemon Showdown, I was only able to play Hackmons during the last two months of its permaladder. By OM leadership decision, it was left to be concealed as an OM of the Month exclusive ladder afterwards. When Hackmons became an OMotM ladder, I went all out to accomplish my goal GXE and top the ladder with the Hopes and Dreams team. From there, I finally felt I was a great player and felt like a legend for being one of the several active good players remaining. A lot changed between the last two months of its permaladder and the month of its OMotM ladder. Much of the old competition had left, a lot of the better players were new, and ORAS was introduced. These changes were more emphasized after the OMotM ladder. On my 15th birthday, nearly two and a half months after the last Hackmons OMotM ladder, LadyLeumas won in a Daily Hackmons Tournament while 6-0ing their final opponent's team. I was impressed! I could not wait to challenge LadyLeumas! I challenged them and felt exactly like Red would feel; like an old accomplished player ready to take on the next generation of Hackmons players! Not only that! I had a PS friend to back me up as we used to battle each other a lot in Hackmons by that point! After May 2015, this same feeling about being ready to take on future generations of Hackmons players would transcend into Let's Go Pure Hackmons, Gen 8 Pure Hackmons, and now the Gen 6 Pure Hackmons ladder we have today! Despite this, there is a big difference between how Red ended up and where I ended up. Red loses in his games, while I 6-0ed LadyLeumas after LadyLeumas 6-0ed their Daily Tournament finals opponent. At that point, I knew I still had it in me and it felt great! I won't lie though, I was still pretty much a kid and there were misplays on both sides of the field, but I still cannot deny how satisfactory this match was for its time!

As a longtime leader of Pure Hackmons, I can humbly say no Pokemon is ever truly invincible in the metagame. It doesn't matter if it's Gen 5 Wondertomb, Gen 6 Sturdy Shedinja, Gen 7 Wonder Guard Burn Up, or Gen 8 Eternatus-Eternamax. Each of these Pokemon can be hit and defeated by other Pokemon in some common ways even if those ways are limited. The same would apply for every other OM format and every Smogon tier. HOWEVER, I can't always say this would apply for Pet Mods. Universal was a Pet Mod where Snaquaza gave each legendary and mythical Pokemon primal reversions. Most of these Pokemon would get their own custom stat distribution and a different ability, while some would even get an additional type. Some of the abilities that were given to primal reversions were custom-made. Yveltal for example, had Death Force. Death Force was initially supposed to leave the opposing Pokemon trapped if they land a KO on Yveltal. Think of it like being ingrained but without the recovery. Instead, when Yveltal was about to get KOed, Death Force would crash the game, reboot the game, and make Yveltal literally invincible against everything. No attacks or status moves affected the Pokemon at all and the Pokemon wasn't even able to switch out! The best part is, when this was first discovered, it was in a game I was playing where I used Yveltal, pivoted into Rayquaza, and as Rayquaza was about to get KOed it became completely invincible. The catch there was, all of Rayquaza's moves were mysteriously switched to Yveltal's moves!

Here are some more replays of this: - Death Force can still be Skill Swapped. It does not affect Yveltal but it affects the Skill Swap user. - The format was once called Primordial Ubers. Ignore the "Terrakion" name. That's not actually PS user Terrakion. I used unicode to make it look like Terrakion at the time

I would've had the replay for when Rayquaza turned invincible but Snaquaza reset the server before that game finished :(.

After looking through the replays, I suspect that it was only physical moves that would trigger the invincibility. All of those replays had it triggered by physical moves and there were others where special moves were used, but the ability did not trigger.

Links: - Articuno was able to take out Yveltal with Freeze Dry - It is worth mentioning that in this and the link right above, performing the same trick I used to make Rayquaza invincible did not work, and Rayquaza was hit by a special move on both occasions. I forgot what it was hit by when it triggered on Rayquaza.

The only real highlight of this match was finding a shiny Rayquaza, but I've always wanted to receive one in randbats considering it was my favorite Pokemon for about four years. Aside from that, this came with a relatively interesting story. This was during the time where I most actively laddered Random Battle. At some point, I'd keep getting Rayquaza every game to every other game for a lot of games. I forgot how much exactly but I think it was around 7-9. Maybe more. I don't think it was less. I just kept getting Rayquaza in randbat games until all the sudden one of them was shiny! That was neat. The constant streak of getting Rayquaza coincidentally stopped after this.

tl;dr: I found a bunch of Rayquaza in my teams until I found a shiny Rayquaza, then I stopped finding Rayquaza in my teams.

Out of the thousands of replays I've saved, this was my first and likely my first battle on Showdown. It's not very special aside from that. My team consists of 3 Pokemon who were my favorites at the time and 3 popular Pokemon who had mega evolutions. I barely knew anything about Generation 6 before joining Pokemon Showdown, so I wanted to try out all the new stuff at the time to see how they were like. I also had no idea what any of the Smogon tiers meant. I just simply built a team and searched for the first format that accepted it. Since there were so many formats on Pokemon Showdown, I figured at least one of them had to accept my team! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I've been wanting to post something like this for over a year now but that slipped my mind during most of the previous months and I held back on it for even longer afterwards. Oops. Thanks for reading and/or watching the replays!
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