Gen 6 Silly things on the Ubers ladder that just HAPPENED to screw you over


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Turn 1
You have 150 seconds to make your decision.

Garchomp, come back!

Go! Gastrodon!

The opposing ゼルネアス used Geomancy!
The opposing ゼルネアス is absorbing power!
The opposing ゼルネアス became fully charged due to its Power Herb!
The opposing ゼルネアス's Special Attack rose sharply! The opposing ゼルネアス's Special Defense rose sharply! The opposing ゼルネアス's Speed rose sharply!
Turn 2
You have 150 seconds to make your decision.

The opposing ゼルネアス used Horn Leech!
It's super effective! Gastrodon lost 97.7% of its health!

Gastrodon used Clear Smog!
It's super effective! A critical hit! The opposing ゼルネアス lost 24% of its health!
The opposing ゼルネアス's stat changes were removed!

Gastrodon restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
Over the months, I've been screwed over by:
-HP Ice P-don.
-Toxic and Will-o-wisp Water Arceus (he had both).
-Special attacker normal Arceus.
-Substitute Calm Mind Luigia. (I was playing stall, and my Roarer fainted).
-Non-choice item Genesect.
-Mono attacker Bulk up Taunt Substitute Mewtwo X.
-Many more can't recall right now.
Oh, and I screwed people a few time over (in 1600 ladder) with stuff like an emergency Swords dance speed pass to Gliscor.
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I'm really glad this thread is back, and I'm even happier that this thread could introduce some interesting and potentially viable sets. I ran in the following set recently, and it gave not only my Sticky Web test-team trouble, but even my best team needed to delicately play around it. Here it is:

Rest Talk Geomancy

Xerneas @ Power Herb
Presumed EVs: 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 Spec Def
Nature: + Def (possibly Relaxed)
-Sleep Talk​

On the surface, this set seems unviable; I laughed it off the first time I played against it. Rest Talk Geomancy is a mono attacker with no coverage, and a Power Herb means that unlike most Rest Talk sets, it can't abuse passive leftovers recovery. However, this unique Xerneas set not only can get an easier time setting up with increased bulk and a power herb, but can also stay in longer and keep boosting with Geomancy. This allows it to overcome Pokemon which could tank +2 Moonblasts. It's an extremely dangerous win condition, because the defensive Evs, defensive boosting nature, and speed boosts make this Xerneas very difficult to revenge kill with priority by something like an Ekiller.

In my battles against this Rest Talk Geomancy Xerneas, I had to play very, very carefully. Alas, my first battle against this users team expired, but I was interested in the set, and asked for a rematch with my best team. The match can be watched here.

Aside from a lucky Genesect freeze early game, by turn 11, I already was forced to deal with this Xerneas set. To me, regular GeoXerneas tends to easier to overcome. I tend to let something go down, phase with Max HP Fairyceus, and then revenge kill later. However, the unique staying power, speed boosting, and strong offensive pressure made Rest Talk Geomancy Xerneas troubling to beat. I spent almost half the battle just trying to figure a way to get around it. Fortunately for me, my max speed Groudon managed to bring it down.

Overall, I'd say this is a very strange set, with an immense amount of surprise value. It's 100% silly, however it gave my teams a good deal of grief, and could be interesting to experiment with :)
ik it's been two years since this was posted, but i got owned yesterday by the exact same set. The real tragedy tho, is i had a mence and a rayq and this guy got moonblast on both sleep talks :V

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