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[16:21:50] +A Bread Sandwich: .randquote
[16:21:50] *Kid A: .etour ag
[Gen 8] Anything Goes Single Elimination Tournament created.
The tournament will automatically start in 2 minutes.
[16:21:50] *Scrappie: Good luck to all players
The tournament's automatic disqualify timer has been set to 2 minutes.
[16:21:51] Jul. Rain: lol
[16:21:52] Mbouchon: lol
[16:21:53] +A Bread Sandwich: waut
[16:21:54] Geysers: LOOOL
[16:21:56] +A Bread Sandwich: wait
[16:21:57] +A Bread Sandwich: what
[16:21:57] Commander Drex: WAIT WHAT
[16:21:58] +velvet blood: Wait what

hehe first
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Ocean Man
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[15:57:32] Chewon: hey bro long time no see
[15:57:33] Chewon: whats up
[15:57:45] +Bouff: hey
[15:57:47] +Bouff: ngl i dont
[15:57:56] +Bouff: really remember who u are
[15:57:57] Chewon: chewon deez nuts
[15:57:59] +Bouff: .
[15:58:00] +Bouff: man
[15:58:02] +Bouff: come on bro
[15:58:09] +Bouff: i was being nice


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So I had a very interesting chat with Omari P in the Overused chat... just to give context, I said Tyranitar is good, reasoning being its seeing usage in OLT, here's the best bits of the log.
[19:25] ShootingStarmie☯: getting tonnes of usage in olt
[19:25] Best Teambuilder: Get ready for lando omari
[19:25] real pheal spheal: last time i played ou ttar was the resident memekyu
[19:25] power: spdef tar is v good rn
[19:25] ShootingStarmie☯: usually a spdef set
[19:25] Omari P: it is not good lol
[19:25] Omari P: idk about that power
[19:25] Best Teambuilder: Thing is going to be everywhere
[19:25] ZappernoZappin: What?
[19:25] ShootingStarmie☯: yes it is... lol
[19:25] ShootingStarmie☯: being used by players in olt
[19:25] Omari P: olt players =/= good
[19:26] ShootingStarmie☯: lol...
[19:26] Omari P: sick of that propaganda
[19:26] Omari P: and dick riding
[19:26] Omari P: and I’m appalled that you really tried to pull that on ME
[19:31] ShootingStarmie☯: legit, if we can't base how viable a pokemon is based on its usage in tours idk what to tell you
[19:31] kisian: maybe its just 3 months after whenever isle was
[19:31] Buno: in solluminati's words: thats tuff
[19:31] eeekum bokum: tricking empo abr soulwind are all bad?
[19:31] Omari P: ShootingStarmie☯ it's team and context dependent
[19:31] Omari P: basing off tours is foolish and propaganda
[19:32] eeekum bokum: omari p
[19:32] eeekum bokum: name me some good players
[19:32] eeekum bokum: who's good
[19:32] #brouha: ppl dont use stuff on teams taht
[19:32] Omari P: storm zone
[19:32] #brouha: dont make sense
[19:32] Omari P: omari p
[19:32] ShootingStarmie☯: storm zone is in OLT LMAO
[19:32] Accountstolenagain: Good players. Hm
[19:32] ZappernoZappin: No omari no
[19:32] ShootingStarmie☯: what r u smoking
[19:32] Omari P: storm zone is not an olt player
[19:32] Omari P: hes just in it
[19:36] ShootingStarmie☯: omari, do you think anyone currently in olt is bad?
[19:36] Accountstolenagain: Starmie boiled you bro
[19:36] ZappernoZappin: What qualifies as good??
[19:36] Awesome Person III: Blunder Policy Iron Tail Hustle Dracozolt
[19:36] Buno: nice
[19:36] Omari P: I think ABR is extremely overrated
[19:36] Omari P: I have a lot of players that agree with me on that too
[19:38] ShootingStarmie☯: abr won smogon tour b2b, and OST, along with team tours
[19:38] Omari P: and what tier
[19:38] d18l: soon
[19:38] cypherstest: oohh
[19:38] ShootingStarmie☯: and you think hes over rated lol
[19:38] airfare: LO
[19:38] Accountstolenagain: D181 you seem like a chill dude
[19:38] airfare: man said what tier in ou room
[19:38] d18l: hi
[19:38] Accountstolenagain: How do we get them to fight?
[19:38] #brouha: the argument is just what metrics ppl use for how good a player is
[19:38] d18l: why would u do that LOL
[19:38] #brouha: nobody is talking about who would win in a battle
[19:38] ZappernoZappin: Cinde is gonna be good for one of my teams
[19:38] Omari P: skill is skill
[19:38] Buno: shootingstarmie clearly those arent good enough accomplishments for omari
[19:39] Omari P: ShootingStarmie☯ just so we are clear, u are aware of who I am right
[19:40] Omari P: nah I want them to google me
[19:40] ShootingStarmie☯: omari, i have no clue who u are
[19:40] Buno: this guy is so stuck up lmao
[19:40] kisian: ceo of showdown right here
[19:40] #brouha: Accountstolenagain egging on ppl for battles isnt helping
[19:40] Omari P: google "who is omari p
Link to full log:
[20:43:10] KNGIrvin:
[20:43:19] KNGIrvin: There i finished
[20:43:36] Natalie69420: Wtf s that team
[20:44:14] OU Tinderace: Cool team KNGIrvin
[20:44:36] KNGIrvin: Ok
[20:45:46] KNGIrvin: What you mean whore
[20:46:05] Geysers: sigh
[20:46:17] Geysers: is anyone capable of reaching baseline levels of competence up for a test game
[20:46:17] KNGIrvin: Bro hop on this team
[20:46:26] Poobanans: me ben
[20:46:27] Poobanans: :V
[20:46:32] Tic-Tac-Toe Guru: me ben
[20:46:36] Tic-Tac-Toe Guru: :V
[20:46:36] Geysers: ty ttty
[20:46:45] Geysers: *tttg
[20:47:00] Poobanans: inb4 tttg uses marshspam
[20:47:02] Natalie69420: excadrill spam
[20:50:52] KNGIrvin: Bro ya'll niggas get no bitches bro
[20:51:02] KNGIrvin: I stay winning
[20:51:17] KNGIrvin: And ig
[20:51:25] Natalie69420: Your lucky theres no mods

[20:58:52] KNGIrvin was muted by Celestial for 1 hour. (Horrid presence)
[20:58:53] KNGIrvin's messages were cleared from Anything Goes by Officer Jenny.
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This happened on a PS Server I help run (RBY 2k20's) but should be close enough. Didn't think I'd see someone impersonate an Administrator so blatantly but here we are. It's really funny, though.

Sereta!~ and ~Plague von Karma joined
You joined Lobby

[09:40:06] ~Plague von Karma: Oh, just finished updating some stuff lol
[09:40:28] Sereta!~: Hi Plague von Karma
[09:40:40] ~Plague von Karma: Heya
[09:40:46] Sereta!~: I am K Legacy
[09:40:51] ~Plague von Karma: Ayyy
[09:41:10] Sereta!~: My account is on something
[09:41:24] Sereta!~: How are you
[09:41:26] Sereta!~: ??
[09:41:42] ~Plague von Karma: Just finished adding some formats I couldn't do before
[09:41:48] Sereta!~: Ok
[09:42:08] Sereta!~: Make me an admin for a second, let me show u something
[09:42:26] ~Plague von Karma: One minute
[09:42:28] Sereta!~: I have made something
[09:42:41] ~Plague von Karma: DM on Discord one sec
[09:43:20] Sereta!~: Bro
[09:43:25] Sereta!~: I am doing something
[09:43:32] Sereta!~: Can't join now
[09:43:57] Sereta!~: Do fast!
[09:44:36] Sereta!~: I am showing you something
[09:44:52] ~Plague von Karma: Can you elaborate on the something
[09:45:00] Sereta!~: Huh
[09:45:06] Sereta!~: What's the problem
[09:46:12] ~Plague von Karma: Well I need to verify it's you, surely?
[09:46:28] Sereta!~: Bro, i am k legacy
[09:46:32] ~Plague von Karma: Why can't you drop me a quick line on Discord?
[09:46:32] Sereta!~: No need to be sure
[09:46:41] Sereta!~: I am busy
[09:46:56] Sereta!~: If you do this, i will demote you
[09:47:02] ~Plague von Karma: In the time this conversation has been going on you could have messaged me much sooner lol
[09:47:28] Sereta!~: Stop!!
[09:47:40] Sereta!~: Do fast please
[09:47:51] ~Plague von Karma: Are you going to verify yourself or not lol
[09:47:57] Sereta!~: No
[09:48:18] ~Plague von Karma: Quick user lookup shows your acc was made Sept 16th
[09:48:29] Sereta!~: Yea
[09:48:33] Sereta!~: It's my alt
[09:48:34] ~Plague von Karma: Seen K on here at least twice since then
[09:49:06] Sereta!~: I joined on 2014
[09:49:28] ~Plague von Karma: "Sereta" joined Sep 16, 2020
[09:49:33] Sereta!~: Bro
[09:49:37] Sereta!~: I am k legacy
[09:49:42] Sereta!~: This is my alt
[09:49:59] ~Plague von Karma: Why have I seen K on here at least twice since the date
[09:50:32] ~Plague von Karma: Verify yourself by DMing on Discord, *then* I will give admin. It's not much to ask and you could easily have done this many times within the 7 minutes we've had this conversation.
[09:50:46] Sereta!~: I will demote you
Sereta!~ left
Do fast!!!
[21:41] PinkDragonTamer: TheCoastsOfToast
[21:42] #TheCoastsOfToast: pinkdragontamer
[21:42] PinkDragonTamer: i recently went down into an illegal coal mine in China...
[21:42] #TheCoastsOfToast: yeah?
[21:42] PinkDragonTamer: yeah...
[21:42] PinkDragonTamer: so
[21:42] PinkDragonTamer: i went down there
[21:42] #TheCoastsOfToast: uhhuh
[21:42] PinkDragonTamer: and i was chopping some coal ore, and these guys come up to me
[21:43] #TheCoastsOfToast: "choppign some coal ore"
[21:43] PinkDragonTamer: and they're all like "你好朋友!你想挣钱马?”
[21:43] PinkDragonTamer: you know?
[21:43] #TheCoastsOfToast: i can't say i do know i don't speak mandarin :(
[21:43] PinkDragonTamer: and then i hit both of them on the head with a shovel, knocked em out cold and dragged em into an empty crevass
[21:43] #TheCoastsOfToast: oh my
[21:43] #TheCoastsOfToast: damn ok
[21:43] #TheCoastsOfToast: even tho they were offering you work
[21:43] PinkDragonTamer: collapsed the roof on them with a controlled charge
[21:44] PinkDragonTamer: and then claimed they were my cousins to the coal mine owner
[21:44] PinkDragonTamer: and i got 40,000 in compensation
[21:44] PinkDragonTamer: easy.
[21:44] #TheCoastsOfToast: is that what this whole thing was it?
[21:44] #TheCoastsOfToast: no punch line?
[21:44] #TheCoastsOfToast: also 40k WHAT
[21:44] #TheCoastsOfToast: in what currency
[21:45] PinkDragonTamer: usd
[21:45] PinkDragonTamer: they were my family members
[21:45] PinkDragonTamer: i was disraught
[21:45] #TheCoastsOfToast: but you weren't
[21:45] #TheCoastsOfToast: and they weren't
[21:45] #TheCoastsOfToast: this just seems SUS
[21:45] PinkDragonTamer: 40,000 dollars in an illegal coal mine
[21:45] PinkDragonTamer: it was totally worth inhaling those fumes all day
[21:45] #TheCoastsOfToast: it seems like it had an impact on you
[21:47] PinkDragonTamer: my shovel had an impact on their heads
[21:47] #TheCoastsOfToast: omg....
[21:47] #TheCoastsOfToast: that's not good
[21:47] @stresh: [03:44] #TheCoastsOfToast: no punch line?
[21:47] PinkDragonTamer: well it's good for me, im paying for my second cousin's schooling over in Fujin
[21:47] @stresh: why would there be a punch line he had a shovel
[21:48] #TheCoastsOfToast: fujin?????
[21:48] PinkDragonTamer: yeah the city in Heilongjiang
[21:48] #TheCoastsOfToast: omg am i being punked
[21:48] #TheCoastsOfToast: am i on camera
[21:48] PinkDragonTamer: well i just told you the plot of 2003 Chinese film the Blind Shaft
[21:49] #TheCoastsOfToast: LOL
[21:49] #TheCoastsOfToast: the blind shaft
[21:49] #TheCoastsOfToast: i saw a different movie by that title


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[2:46 AM] Awpple: Does anyone have a good zygarde team?
[2:49 AM] GreenGogoat: try not to ask one question in 3 chats nezt time
[2:49 AM] Awpple: Why
[2:50 AM] GreenGogoat: ?_?
[2:50 AM] GreenGogoat: no need to
[2:50 AM] GreenGogoat: one channel is enough, if people can help they can
[2:50 AM] Awpple: easier to get my message across
[2:51 AM] Awpple: its also not prohibited
[2:51 AM] GreenGogoat: we dont want people spamming the same message in 3 different chats lol
[2:51 AM] GreenGogoat: they’re separate for a reason
[2:51 AM] Awpple: Im not spamming
[2:51 AM] Awpple: I put it once in each chat
[2:51 AM] Awpple: Its also not bannable so
[2:51 AM] Awpple: im allowed to
[2:51 AM] Awpple: Are you even a moderator
[2:51 AM] GreenGogoat: lmao
[2:51 AM] GreenGogoat: u do u bro
[2:52 AM] GreenGogoat: just letting u know ppl don’t appreciate it
[2:52 AM] Awpple: U dont appreciate it
[2:54 AM] Awpple: Also dont say "we"
[2:55 AM] Awpple: You don't know other people appreciate it
[2:55 AM] Awpple: Also in #read-me it says dont mini mod
[2:55 AM] Awpple: So im not actually violating rules
[2:55 AM] Awpple: u r
[2:55 AM] GreenGogoat: honestly i appreciate the grind here
[2:55 AM] Awpple: ?
[2:55 AM] Scalchop: then speaking as an actual mod
[2:55 AM] Scalchop: please do not post the same message in every channel
[2:55 AM] Scalchop: tyvm
[2:56 AM] Awpple: why


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☆DragonQuestCasino: GIMME THE DIANCIE

Isyana Sarasvati withdrew Mercury Waltz!
Isyana Sarasvati sent out Blood Diamond (Diancie-Mega)!

Event Horizon used Dragon Tail!
It doesn't affect the opposing Blood Diamond...

The opposing Blood Diamond took the Doom Desire attack!
It's super effective!
(The opposing Blood Diamond lost 100% of its health!)

The opposing Blood Diamond fainted!
☆DragonQuestCasino: thanks


Zeraora used Bounce!
(The opposing Dracovish lost 88% of its health!)

The opposing Dracovish fainted!

Zeraora restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
placuszek (: boing
☆Chazm: boin
☆Chazm: g
☆Alternatif: boing


[00:43:53] Lasen: are you winning, son
[00:44:11] anaconja: IM PLAYING WITH MY FUCKIN DICK!


Plague von Karma

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Got this in my DMs on PS today.

[10:35:36] tazerslashbolt: yo
[10:35:43] tazerslashbolt: hey
[10:35:45] tazerslashbolt: answer me
[10:36:05] tazerslashbolt: answer me u fat man
[10:36:31] +Plague von Karma: who shat in your cereal today
[10:37:05] tazerslashbolt: idk who shat in my ceral also i had dosa for break fast not cereal
[10:37:17] +Plague von Karma: do u need me for something
[10:37:35] tazerslashbolt: can u tell me whats the time
[10:37:52] tazerslashbolt: oh wait i got a clock
[10:37:54] +Plague von Karma: bro don't you have a phone or something
[10:38:00] tazerslashbolt: i dont im broke
[10:38:27] tazerslashbolt: i work at 7/11 make 5$ per month
[10:38:34] +Plague von Karma: rip
[10:38:40] tazerslashbolt: can u buy me a phone
[10:38:43] +Plague von Karma: no
[10:38:44] tazerslashbolt: pls
[10:38:45] tazerslashbolt: pls
[10:38:45] tazerslashbolt: pls
[10:38:54] +Plague von Karma: but you can campaign for communism
[10:38:56] tazerslashbolt: idiot buy me a phone
[10:39:06] +Plague von Karma: it's ok fellow proletariat
[10:39:06] tazerslashbolt: u do that for me man
[10:39:13] +Plague von Karma: the bourgeoisie shall be defeated soon
[10:39:18] tazerslashbolt: proletariat ur mom


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RocketGruntKage was warned by Aeonic. (homosexuality isn't tolerated on this site. period.)
&Aeonic: wow
&Aeonic: that
%Mia ⚢: ,
&Aeonic: is
&Aeonic: the worst type
%Mia ⚢: do you
&Aeonic: typo
&Aeonic: i've eve rmade
%Mia ⚢: wow
&Annika: Um.
%Mia ⚢: i
%Mia ⚢: words are hard
&Annika: explain
&Aeonic: already am
%Mia ⚢: he meant homophobia
%Mia ⚢: i presume
%Mia ⚢: oh or i cant read context
%Mia ⚢: ok
%Mia ⚢: but
%Mia ⚢: wow
%Blaz: Hope this won't be on that "PS without context" sites D:
&Aeonic: yeah......
(Aeonic notes: rocketgruntkage - I MEANT HOMOPHOBIA THAT WAS A BAD TYPO also see: [redacted])

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