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I am trading HP Ice Electrikes. Timid Lightning Rodders with "flawless" stats given the HP: 31/x/30/31/31/31. I'm looking for any offers of 5IV pokemon that I do not currently own, but am especially looking for Timid Froakie and Jolly Aerodactyl.
Hey if your still trading these, I can offer a Adamant Marvel Scale 31/31/31/xx/31/31 Male Dratini


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Well, I have two spitbacks that I can trade, one lacking Speed and the other lacking Special Defense. What leftovers do you have?
First off, I forgot about this, sorry for the really late reply :P

I can offer 4 IV jolly infiltrator zubats (bravebird + whirlwind), 4 IV timid noibat, and (if you're willing to wait a little bit) 5 IV bold and timid espurr in healballs :]
Looking for scatterbugs from various regions esp. The ocean vivillon and the elegant vivillon. .. if u have one with a good nature and ivs that's a plus but looking for the scatterbug to raise it to a vivillon!

Message me here and add me to trade, my fc is in my sig

ThaNK you very much!
Does anyone have a female Prankster Murkrow spitback for trade? I can offer the following spitbacks in return:
  • Impish Aron with Stealth Rock and Head Smash
  • 4 IV Impish Immunity Gligar (in a dusk ball too :3)
  • About a billion Adamant Technician Scythers with 3 IVs.
  • 4 IV Female Careful Harvest Phantump
  • 4 IV Jolly Mold Breaker Pinsir with Quick Attack and Close Combat
  • 4 IV Modest Mareep
  • 3 IV Female Impish Bulletproof Chespin (may have Spikes and Synthesis, idk. Daycare may have made her forget them :/)
  • 4 IV Bold Rotom
  • 4 IV Frisk Super-size Pumpkaboo
  • 4 IV Timid Charmander with Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Outrage, and Dragon Dance
  • 4 IV Jolly Gible with Outrage
  • 4 IV Quiet Honedge
  • or just any odd Pokemon with Pokerus
Let me know if anything tickles your fancy and we can trade :3
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