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I'm unsure if it is mentioned elsewhere, or if I should ask elsewhere, but I wonder if it is possible to SR for IVs of eggs in Gen 6. I attempted a number of times and tried all manner of things hoping to change the IVs, but each time I pick up the egg from the day care man, it has the same IVs. I am wondering what could cause this or if the IVs are set as soon as he has the egg. Thank you for your time and help, it will be much appreciated.
That's what I thought, but no matter when I grab it and any number of things I try to do differently, it keeps having the same IVs.
Drillburs I got :

One missing Sp Def

One with HP Atk and Sp Def (3 IV)

2 missing Sp Atk
1 missing Sp Atk and Speed

Trading for other spitbacks, Choose any of those Jaime
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