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Im building a trick room team for 4 v4 doubles, I have a relaxed slowpoke, should I go for slowbro or for slowking ?
My team consists of Aromatisse, Mega Mawile, Mega Ampharos, Reuniclus, and Conkelldurr
It all depends on if you fear Physical attackers more or Special attackers, since SLowbro and Slowking have the exact same stats just with SpD and Def flipped around. Relaxed seems to be a better nature for Slowking though, based on the StrategyDex here.

Edit: Post #1500, 500 posts away from the giveaway to dwarf all my previous giveaways :)
Offering theese female pokemon i a dream ball:

-modest raticate with suckern punch
-quiet suskit with hydropump
-adamant staravia with feather dance
-hasty spearow with fury
-docile murkrow with roost
-bold torkoal with stealth rock
-modest exeggute with leach seed.

Need theese competitive pokemons: timid dedenne, ha bunnelby,female espurr,adamant ha swirlix with egg moves, sturdy carbink,binacle.
I have a female espurr I can give you, as long as you don't care what ability it has :).
GIVEAWAY TIME! I have finally finished my trick room sandstorm team, and in celebration i'm gunna' clone each of the pokes in my team and give them away. to enter all you have to do is guess my 2nd too 7th favourite pokemon, ( not my first favourite because it says in my profile ) i will give each pokemon a number between 1 and 6, so hypothetically if you guess my 3rd favourite pokemon you will get the pokemon i gave the number 3 to. i hope that makes sense.

The pokes are :

Nature : Quiet. Ability : Sheer force. IV's : 31/X/31/31/31/0. Moves : Ice beam, fire blast, earth power, sludge bomb. Item : Life Orb. EV's : 252 HP, 252 Special attack.

Nature : Brave. Ability : Solid rock. IV's : 31/31/31/x/31/0. Moves : drill run, stone edge, rock slide, megahorn. Item : Assault vest. EV's : 252 HP, 252 Attack.

Nature : Brave. Ability : sandstorm. IV's : 31/31/31/x/31/0. Moves : protect, curse, crunch, rock slide. Item : tyranitarite. EV's : 252 HP, 252 Attack.

Nature : Brave. Ability : rock head. IV's : 31/31/31/x/31/0. Moves : head smash, iron head, dragon claw, earthquake. Item : choice band. EV's : 252 HP, 252 attack.

Nature : sassy. Ability : levitate. IV's : 31/x/31/31/31/0. Moves : trick room, moonblast, psychic, reflect. Item : sitrus berry. EV's : 252 HP, 252 Special defence.

nature : relaxed. Ability : overcoat. IV's 31/31/31/x/31/0. Moves : quick guard, megahorn, iron head, knock off. Item : leftovers. EV's : 252 HP, 252 Defence.

Clues!! One pokemon has a mega evolution! One pokemon is a prankster! One pokemon is intimidating! One pokemon is genderless! One pokemon likes to fake out! One pokemon is a technician!

Good Luck, i hope the rules are clear enough!

Edit : Nidoqueen has been won! The prankster was murkrow.
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