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I have been trying to reset for a brave groudon for a couple of days now and came across this:QUIET 31/27-28/31/31/31/23-24. it has hidden power psychic. Should I reset and keep looking?
I wouldnt bother keeping anything with more than 5 in speed, with everything else being flawless.
Toss imo, you want speed<3 with hindering nature.

Keep or toss?
Galileo Rayquaza

Kinda wanna keep but even with hindering nature, SpDef is kinda low. Then again, Ray shouldn't be taking/surviving special attacks in Ubers. Thoughts?
Toss. It's just too low.
keep looking

locoghoul toss . It can survive something due to delta stream .

252+ SpA Primal Kyogre Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Mega Rayquaza in Strong Winds: 276-326 (78.6 - 92.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
1) that's AG
2) your calcs didn't include negative nature. Either way is a guaranteed OHKO after rocks.
Where can I find the resource for checking legal Ball/Move/Gender/etc. combinations?

Friend has a Nest Ball Female Sceptile, and while I doubt its legitimacy, want to be absolutely sure before declaring it a hack.
Has someone the following Pokemon for SR neutral Speed nature Landorus?
Level: 51
Nature: Jolly
IV: 31 Hp | 31 Spe
EV: None
Stats at 51: 163 Hp | 134 Spe
Moves: Final Gambit

Level: 86
Nature: Sassy
IV: 31 | xx | 31 | xx | 31 | 00
EV: 252 | xx | xx | xx | 252 | 4
Stats at 86: 271 | xx | 92 | xx | 179 | 120
Moves: Spore | Rock Polish | Recover | Taunt
anyone else having trouble editing posts?? every time i try editing a certain post i get a pop up that says smogon had an error, but all my other posts are fine to edit
After getting tired of Smash (which took a over a year) I am looking to start breeding things again.
My first self made assignment is to breed a competive team for a friend I'm trying to get into competive with his favorite Pokemon.
So as I am looking at this list of potential movesets I have written down here, I want some opinions for the next one I am breeding:
Should I aim for a Adamant Scarfed Tyranitar, a Jolly Banded Tyranitar, or a bulky Assualt Vested Tanktar? All three I noticed have some good pros and cons and fill team roles well considering what I am working with here, so I just want some more opinions please.
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