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Re: Zekrom, does anyone know why the Yin-Yang dragons have such abysmal movepools and coverage?

Oh, and bump:

Looking for someone to clone Blueforce's Shaymin and Smogon Facebook GA Ho-Oh for me (and incidentally confirmation that it's okay to make this request). They're for my cousin and not intended to be traded or redistributed beyond next week's family gathering.
Looking for hidden ability Munna, nothing else is needed. Will trade anything you want that I might have. Thanks in advance.
By chance can someone trade me a HA Chespin? Gender IVs and Ball doesnt matter. Only need the HA
I can give you a Female HA Chespin with xx/31/31/0/31/31 IVs, if you want ^_^ only thing is that i have maybe two hours, then i have to go to sleep ^^"
Hey guys.. So I got to lvl 50 at the Battle Agency, but I would like to play further. If anyone who is approx. close to 50 (because I know how hard it is to find other lvl 50 people), i gladly appreciate the help. Also, if anyone wants an ally, hit me up via vm/pm. Thanks :D
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Looking for a love Ball Whismur.

Whismur can be caught in a Love Ball only In HGSS using the Hoenn-Sound.

Feel free to check out my trade thread in exchange (link is in signature)
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