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Hi! I just finished my USUM game, and need a few battle items. I'd appreciate if anyone had the time to help me out!
- Focus Sash
- Life orb
- Choice scarf
- Leftovers

- Mental Herb
- Rocky helmet

Alternatively, I have the items in my SM games, but that would require more trades.
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LF shadow tag (hidden ability) gen 7 Gothita any ball and ivs work

If you're still looking, I can provide you one for free. Deposit something on the GTS looking for Level 1 Gothita and I'll send one your way.

I out. Torkoal in the gts if there's one with the hidden ability shadow tag I'll take that plz
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I got a Charmander from wondertrade in a Dream Ball with usual Charizard X egg moves. Seems like a breedject to me cause of wrong nature, is it possible to get it in a dream ball?

Also, can someone help out with getting the US exclusives(just for the dex)? I want the shiny charm to start breeding soon.


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Looking for Kantonian Geodude, IVs, ball and ability doesn't matter, nature also(however I'd be grateful if it was adamant).
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