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I appreciate the reply, but unfortunately, it looks like their bot only works for Gen 9. Also, since Ditto cannot breed, I would not be able to do that.
Oh lol. My brain didn't even register old gens. Sorry! I see, so you;re actually wanting to USE the Ditto, not just for breeding.

EDIT: Lf all the starters that became available from Raids not Paldea dex, except Charmander line. FT some shinies or regular mons from rais w/ many teras(tons of Eevees especially.) Can tera change 1 or 2 to any type, I suppose(just not 2 to a major type like fire, steel, electric, etc. Still want shards for self.)


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LF for a few shinies from Gen VIII: Yamper, Boltund, Flapple, Stonjourner, and Morpeko.

Only want the dex entries for them, so happy to touch trade. I can only trade on Home though.
Hello! I am on Gen VI looking for Sheer Force Totodile. I have shiny Shinx, Defiant Piplup, Contrary Snivy, or Flash Fire Cyndaquil I can trade. Thank you. Edit: Obtained
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So…. now that Home has updated, can anyone help me out with a Roaming Gimmighoul? (not a GO player obviously)
Will the # of boxes ever go over 30? I'm nearly full for each one, w home now. If they release all mons ever, more boxes will be needed. For now LF all PLA exclusives(I have PLA but idk if I want to beat it xd it's weird.) FT lots, some shinies, tons of Eevees w/ differing teras, other mons from tera raids, can tera change to any type. Also sorta lf high value items, PP Maxes, Draco Meteor/EQ TMs.

EDIT: Also FT Bold Ditto w/ 31s but 0 atk. Ditto is easy to get now, but this has a nature to go w/ the IV spread, and Idk that I really need it. Several of certain legendaries, Giratina comes to mind.
Looking For: Timid Roaming Gimmighoul

Offer: Hardy Shiny Dunsparce obtained from Cute Charm Glitch in Heart Gold that is guaranteed to become 3-segment Dudunsparce upon evolving.
So I no longer have Poke Bank and no way to transfer my Moon Cartridge mons to SV but still have boxes filled with goodies (competitive battle ready as well as various fresh breeds). If anyone can help me recover them to SV through 3ds trades to Poke Bank and then home, I'll be more than happy to offer any number of these mons as repayment. There is a lot of good stuff and few gems I had built and accumulated over the years - happy to provide a list via DM. If anyone has the time and would be open to doing the trades in exchange for really good mons, please let me know or DM me. As an aside, most of these mons were bred or caught during the height of 6th and 7th gen and would mainly have that meta in mind when trained etc. I had basically taken a break from Pokemon at the end of 2017 and am coming back now.
Sorry I don’t have an Enamorus to spare. I can give you a Draco or Earthquake TM
That'd work. I do have one, I will breed it. Whichever TM you want to give is fine, I mean I could use both, and then could tera change your Muk/Grimer-A

EDIT: is in dusk ball, if that's ok. Normally catch all in regular, so idk why it's in dusk.
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Finally decided to jump into Gen 9 after the Home update. Took me 4 days to clear the main story and unlock 6 star raids. Time start breeding competative pokes!

LF Gen 9 HA Starters, any natures or IVs will do
Finally decided to jump into Gen 9 after the Home update. Took me 4 days to clear the main story and unlock 6 star raids. Time start breeding competative pokes!

LF Gen 9 HA Starters, any natures or IVs will do
I can breed for all those, HA since that should be preferred. Do you have any good items or an Enamorus?
Well just ask what you want item-wise and I'll get it I guess Omastar68
Oh ok thx. Those are good items, but I mean stuff that sells for a lot, including stuff useful besides so Patches, Capsules, some TMs. And PP Max, no sense trading just PP ups, those are buyable and cheap. So if you have 3 of EQ tm, Draco Meteor tm, Ability Patch, Capsule, or PP Max, or an combination, I can trade the 3 HA starters. If you want them trained or w/ certain teras I can do that for extra items. Mon-wise not really lf anything besides that one probably hard to get legend.
LF zorua-h or evo, in REGULAR Poke ball, I have the event, but they can tell it's an event Mon when you send it out if they watching. Ruins mind games imo(although Im not using it for these chiefly,l, it's not ok to just disregard.) And I like reg poke balls.

Ideally 252 Spe timid(this is a must on this Mon, though I'm not sure if I'll max SpA or not yet.) It would save me money/LP for the items. Oh right, 0 or 1 atk iv ideally too. Could just breedy own if I get it though. Grass Tera, or I can make it at some point. grass is only low shard type for me though, would help if it's grass if good atk iv for the set.

FT is seen above, and there's maybe new stuff with home like spare cress/giratina

Edit: learned ball is copied. Still lf it(any ball,) cause not enough grass shards
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