Single Sentence Story Link Game

I have an idea for a game. Basically how it will be played is, someone will start with a sentence and end it off. Then the next person will reply to their comment to add to the next part after what occurred in the sentence they replied to with a single sentence. For example:
My Sentence: Jack went to the beach,
Reply: At the beach, he found a portal!
This process will go on through replies to make a story through individual sentences. Now lets start it off:
I was walking down the gravel road with my hands in my pocket sniffing the fresh air, when I suddenly hear a sound coming from a nearby bush.
I pulled down my eye and stuck out my tongue as I walked off, unknowing that I was about to encounter something, something dangerous yet incredible.
As I grabbed the gold dentures off the cement, I saw a familar but taller silhouette from afar beginning to charge at me.


My, my! So you've FINALLY arrived...
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We drew our cards, and alas, my Monarch deck's consistency came back to bite me.

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