Six riddles, two Pokemon, one guess.[Closed]

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The name of this thread wasn't very creative, but I'd like to think the idea of the giveaway is. As you may know I'm a massive fan of playing around with the lower tiers, using gimmicks, just having fun with the game, so there are two Pokemon you can win, these are Roselia and Klefki. Roselia is an old breed from DPPt, and Klefki, not so new from SM.

Roselia, Calm, Natural Cure, Spikes (Egg Move), 31/30/31/30/31/30 (HP Fire)

Klefki, Calm, Prankster, 31/10/31/31/31/31

Now, we'll have a little game. I have six riddles for you, and if you can tell me which Pokemon I am referring to from the clues, you win a Pokemon, simples. You can only have ONE Pokemon per person, only ONE attempt per person, and the Pokemon you win corresponds to the riddle you solve. Let's not spoil this for people and only put one name in your post. I'll notify the winners on this thread.

(Klefki) You find me at a lighthouse. An evolution of mine is a Dragon. I was rather poorly in one of the early games.
(Klefki) I only learn two moves, and it was said that I am from another world. I spend a lot of time being hidden in a bag.
(Klefki) I can be a slave of HM's, my shiny version is red. With a mega stone I become a Dark-type.

(Roselia) I appear in a Pokemon movie, and I wear a crown. I can talk to humans and speak of three treasures. You need a special item to evolve into me.
(Roselia) I like to dance, and I love being in the rain. People say I look like a fruit. There is a trainer in Pokemon Colosseum/XD that has an obsession with me.
(Roselia) I'm blue, I only learn one TM, and in the anime, team rocket have a hard time keeping me in a Pokeball.
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Third Klefki, my guess is Gyarados. Mega G is water / dark, famously Red Gyarados, and all manner of water and angry-strong type HMs bless this terrifying work horse with their love.
Second Klefki is Cosmog, it's all the time in Lillie's bag, it's from another world and only learns Splash and Teleport iirc
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