Gen 2 Sleep perish trapping on Showdown?


I was always lead to believe sleep perish trap was just banned in gen 2? Until I saw this today. I see the clause stipulates "spider web & mean look". Does this mean sleep perish trapping is lit as long as the trap is from from fire spin, whirlpool etc? I know you have a 50/50 shot of getting released on the fifth and final turn (third perish count) but that seems like a bit of a double standard on the clause to me? Anyone able to elaborate? Legitimate or mistake?


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Well, it's not a coding mistake as the ban has only ever included spider web and mean look for as long as I can remember, regardless of simulator.

That said smogon philosophy has gotten more liberal on banning things, especially uncompetitive strategies, so I could see revising the complex ban to be more inclusive.
i mean the partial trapping moves also aren't guaranteed to hit, so it's a bit less than 50%.

i don't think it was a mistake, but i'm not going to cry if it's gone lol. that being said there's more rng bullshit in gsc like swagger, cray, and berserk gene, so drawing a line is arbitrary. swagger is still busted since it won't stop confusing after maxing stats out/getting +6 :(

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