1v1 SM 1v1 Cup - Round 1

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Banned deucer.
Lost heroes you are bad man. You had to hax me, cteam me and then go as far as to betray me for a 1v1 sm cup round 1 win. I hope you are happy with ur win noob, because you just lost the respect of countless people.
First off wanna say sorry to JustUhhDude but those rats were not snuggling with me tonight lol
Very nice and kind soul and will do my best to make you proud.

I went 0-20 predicting his pokemon in replays before match, finished 0-25 but still came out with the dubb

I updated my computer and lost all my teams, so Xstatic Cold gave me one...it went something like this video above
Not open for further replies.

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