DOU SM Doubles Fall Seasonal Round 1


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Calling activity since my opp only responded to my vm once and hasn't even tried to get this done


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had contact with my opponent on his wall but he hasn't been active since, thus missing both our scheduled times

this is basically here as an act post
Unfortunately gonna have to call activity on PoliLoco cuz he hasnt been on in like a week and as a result hasnt been answering my vms. PL if you see this just say like NO IM HERE EXTENSION PLS and id be happy to play you if able


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Couldn't manage to play by deadline, so opp told me to take the win


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Hi, sorry guys I've been super busy with school so I only glanced at the seasonal thread. TUO wanted to be subbed out and I misunderstood that as him being subbed in (didn't read the op cause I was busy, sorry again) so Frania doesn't have to play him

edit: qsns also asked me to sub him out so that's why he's been subbed out
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