SM SM Majors I - Round 1

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Qualifier Tiebreak Stuff

After discussions with a TD, I'm accepting the replay of Maxouille vs TrainerKoalaa as a resultant victory for Maxouile. As Maxouille was unable to provide any replay of the match vs Dridri457, I've decided to coinflip that match.


Thus, Maxouille ends with a score of 2-2 and ties with MTB but since this is a very late decision, I'm willing to give you both till Thursday, September 28th, to play your tiebreak.

lolebruh DKM Elou2000 as I understand, your round robin ended in a tie with 1-1 score for all, so you'll have to replay that just like egalvanc. Lostmemories, and Bka Onon did for theirs. You'll have till Thursday, September 28th, after which if there is no result I'll pick the qualifying players randomly.


Ampha vs boris69

Round 2 will be up shortly.
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