SM SM OU Global Championship 2021: Round 2

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Tiebreaks: Matches completed: 23/23

Kabani 0-2 Joya
gilftl308 0-2 Vextal
Quaze 1-2 StallSucksBro
false 0-2 TectonicDestroyer
Vusty. 2-0 Failures
luisotte 2-0 RaJ.Shoot
Shiiftry 0-W MegaLucario
ACR1 1-2 Solivagant
QWILY 2-1 TaxiCab
Blanko F-0 basaninho
elodie F-0 Gray
Slave Of Passion 1-2 SpectralThief
Dankoc 0-2 ChaFouuu
EternalSnowman 2-0 Nazip
iNoLife 1-2 Shucklegigas
dahli 0-2 TDNT
Serika 2-0 gye5
Rubyblood F-0 Insult
Maxance 1-2 Tenebricite
Sagiri 2-0 Xandes
egalvanc W-0 zeno420
Thiago Nunes 1-2 LightScreener
TJ W-0 cielbakasan

2021-04-08 15_57_32-Showdown!.png

April 11th, 11.59 pm GMT-4
I will just remind the rule: "Stage 2: Players with a 1-1 record play each other in a FT2W match to see who progresses."​
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Activity Win vs zeno420 if we don't manage to play, I have talked with him on his profile but he didn't gave me any confirmation
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