Announcement SM RU Suspect Process, Round 5 - Voter ID thread

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Identify your alts in this thread by posting a screenshot. As a reminder, the requirements for this suspect are a minimum 2800 coil, a minimum 77.5 GXE, and a maximum of 62 games played. Only post in this thread to identify your account. If you post in this thread but do not meet all of the requirements, your post will be deleted.

The suspect ends at the 7th of Novermber at 11:59 PM EST. When posting your screenshot, use the hide tags:
The following is required when identifying your account:
  • Your coil, as well as the number of matches you played
  • Proof of ownership of the account, either by taking a screenshot of the name at the top right or the name being used by you in the chat
Do not attempt to falsify your requirements or game/cheat the system in any way. If you are caught, you will be infracted and any previous suspect requirements you qualified for will not count for the TC badge. If you have any further questions, PM either myself or atomicllamas


Smogon's full of bullies.
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confirming as aosjdo
edit: also should probably give 49 a thanks cause I stole one of his teams off of his snake post.
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