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This thread will be the general place for all SM Ubers replays, from the "wtf was that" moments to the "damn that was a great game" matches. Discussion around the replays is encouraged!

there's probably something else of relevance to put here but hey ho, it's a replay thread. go nuts.


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Ok so got a few good replays wanted to showcase to demonstrate the new meta threats:

This replay basically shows the power of HypnoGar as it swept this players team in the end. Its actually ridiculous when paired with Substitute as it allows Gar to have an 84% chance to hit the Hypnosis. A truly terrifying threat this generation.

DeoLele Offense wrecking some Bulky Offense. Nasty Plot Deoxys-Attack in Psychic Terrain is truly terrifying and can really just KO everything with a +2 Psyshock/Psychic and take out Psychic resists with Focus Blast and Ice Beam. Really hard to counterplay this strat without using another terrain really.

Will post some more interesting replays later...
Should you really be using replays against players who run stuff like Guzzlord, non-Mega Gengar, Guzzlord (again), Wishiwashi, and Gallade to demonstrate a Pokemon's power?
Should you really be using replays against players who run stuff like Guzzlord, non-Mega Gengar, Guzzlord (again), Wishiwashi, and Gallade to demonstrate a Pokemon's power?
I get your point. But These are the only battles i had on the ladder and those were the pokemon being used. I understand your point but if i cant find good teams on the ladder i really cant help it. will add some battles against better players too though.

Standard typical HO team in action. Go full aggresive by wearing down those bulky mons whenever possible, find set-up opportunities to further pressure the opposing team, before cleaning up with either Geomancy Xerneas, Ekiller, or scarf Lunala. In this case Scarf Lunala wraps up the game.

A more bulky offensive team featuring old threats like Mega-Sableye, Gira-O and Ho-oh. This game also highlights how Yveltal and Arceus-Fairy do their jobs well in the game, and they look set to becoming more relevant in the current metagame (despite this game looking like an ORAS battle lol). Some neat predictions involved as well. Knock Off on Yveltal is pretty awesome especially if you manage to catch Xerneas on the switch. As you can see the burn nerf really helps tanks without reliable recovery like Gira-O a lot.

In my opinion the biggest misplay made would be on Turn 21, when I chose to switch in Mega-Sableye to tackle DD Mega Salamence instead of going to Arceus-Fairy straightaway. This results in an unnecessary sacking of Giratina-O, one of the main checks to opposing Pdon, and possibly Mega Sableye as well.
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Scarftree overturned a finished match. My team isn't the best and I have played very bad for the entire match, in the end i have even surrended. But then xurkitree killed 4 pokèmon in row, even if Lugia hit the toxic i would win the match. Beast Boost shouldn't been understimated. Nice
In this replay, it's simple Pheromosa. The match is very similar to the previous, with the difference that pheromosa does the dirty job.
I get your point. But These are the only battles i had on the ladder and those were the pokemon being used. I understand your point but if i cant find good teams on the ladder i really cant help it. will add some battles against better players too though.
Just climb the ladder and opponents will have better teams :)


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This looks a bit abandoned, but it seems like a good subject yet. I hope it continues to support, it is always interesting to see replays. Talking about that, I bring one of my best battles with me since I play Ubers or at least in SM. Under my alt "Wildburn" I am a fan of Japanese decorative letters lol. I came across "Datboy500" which for me is a top to keep in mind, has always been there. The team that I showed occurred to me in a few minutes, I already had an idea of before but with other pokemon. I'm not very good at this ladder or stand. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, it was very clean and that's always good. I also hope you do not feel bad to anyone, I just found a good battle with 50-50 in both to win.

specs Lunala is good.
I finally got a replay worth posting here:

126 turns of me slowly trying to beat down a stall team with Ho-oh that I was otherwise completely unprepared to face. I'll be the first to admit I made some horrible misplays with Yveltal, but it was a very intense battle and changed my opinion about Magearna as a viable pokemon. I suspect that if my opponent learns to play his Mega Sableye as well as he does Chansey he will become better than me.


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You have to have a lot of patience to play a game so long vs full stall. But somehow it was worth it for what I see. Although it is strange to me that it does not carry status in his Zygarde, just as it took Glare. It would have been great to have it and use it. You may be right that you were not very successful in certain moves, but it is normal if it is so many shifts, the mind gets tired, haha. In any case not bad, it is always a victory against a team as passive as that. Thanks for sharing.

Speaking of sharing, taking advantage of my comment I think I'll leave some games saved that I have to consider good or quality. I gladly share them, I hope you like it and that this is not dead.

1. vs Sally cinnamonn -> It is true that in the ladder all play in an aggressive or linear way. It's a team thing or style. Still I consider it the best games I've had since I play these days. It was very closed at the end with that Ho-Oh vs. Ho-Oh so intense. His was max speed offensive so being defensive started with some advantage over the recoil Brave Bird. To mention one thing, I think that almost at the end he sends his Ho-oh and not to Lugia surely I lost and I won. First of all good game where maybe you only had a good match up with Kyurem-W.

2. vs ublt1 圣光 -> Another game fairly matched, it can not be otherwise, haha. Unlike the previous one, this was more fun and offensive on both sides. If I did not have so much priority I think the end result would be against me. I was testing at the time a team with Muk-Alola and it was all a mvp since it gave me a lot. Eliminated that annoying deox-A and gave me the victory vs the king of the tier. I had a bad calculation with MLucario, but everything was fine. It was funny to wear those Japanese letters, like my rival, haha. And honestly he had plays that are great for me, like getting Gengar to disable that Clear Smog of Muk, or at the beginning where he completely nullifies the GroundCeus z move. It was very successful and that put me in a delicate position but I knew how to lead.

I just hope that nobody looks bad, I guess those people went with other names, no problem I hope. My intention is to share because they are very good games to leave them forgotten. And with this I will leave the ladder, I have achieved more than I expected and it is insane to follow.


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Good replay.
Once again Marshadow strolling on ubers as a child's play. It is true that it is a low ladder, but it has been interesting and is not very different from what is seen from another point. It's a ridiculous pokémon that always does something be the match up against offensive or defensive. With a bit of SR support or status it has a bit easier, especially vs stall. I like the set used, Bulk up + Marshadium z is terrible. Since you saw the hole vs Ferro there was no turning back and the result was in favor. I honestly liked it though there was not much difficulty. Great team I have to say despite not showing much, but what interested if, haha.

I think in the previous mention that he will not publish more replays, but then he did not know that little friend Marshadow left. So I also wanted to be popular and use it, like everyone else. I am happy and agree with your ban, so I can move it whenever I want, haha. Taking advantage of the fact that one of my favorite megas came out recently (Lopunny) I thought it would be interesting to focus on a team based on those two protagonists. Well, some will know about it, but it's much better to see it yourself in action. I do not usually keep replays, but usually with new teams if I like it and it's good, why not? Also, that both cover well. It's an offensive core that I love. They make a good couple (?)

1. vs lyx123 -> Yes, the famous Ditto stall. It may be what I'll never get to use, I'm not a fan of the defensive. Although I do not mind that they use it so much, it's a strategy or style like any other. To be honest, I already knew this team but it was the first time I faced and I did not know how to fit it. But analyzing I think I played more or less decent or linear. I had no idea beyond pushing with status and trying to get SR. There was the threat of Sableye, but once the Defog user was removed, it was all relief. On the safest shift I was finally able to use them. From that, everything was more comfortable. It's ridiculous as Marshadow gets rid of GroundCeus that turn. It was an important pillar if he really wanted to win. I think that I could play better, but against these teams I usually go carefully and not play aggressive.

This is not all friends (?) I have another totally different to share. Well, I usually do not play OU and I was always struck by Ash-Greninja. So recently I wondered why not? So decided, somewhat balanced with this bug. The idea in principle was clear, its version specs with priority. It is true that there is the threat of PDon and its ability or that I have to eliminate something so that Greninja is transformed and more powerful, but you can always, haha. Unlike the previous one, this one is much more even and I suppose that exciting. Until the end is not known and where a server gives me the victory. Observing well I think that I could play better in some moments, for that is saving the games. But hey, if I continue with this is because it keeps me trying things, this ladder is not serious, it is insane for the body.

2. vs BIG BALLERS ONLY -> At first sight seeing that it is a HO with Cloyster it is rare to see a Lugia, for example. Not only that, when shown does not regain health, so I wore another type of item my god. I'm also thinking about a possible Lugia offensive CM maybe. It has a little sense. His GroundCeus had a rather strange set, not usually seen. Ice Beam + Stone in offensive version. That meant he did not have Recover or priority. As soon as he revealed that I knew how to react better. I was surprised that I did not continue with Ice Beam vs. Mence. Undoubtedly the MVP once again Greninja, Ban Greninja pls. To say that in the last turns he used his Blaziken very well although he was under control and he did not have to risk it. But he should try and if not by priority who knows. I should have given Judgment with my GroundCeus. But using Magearna for recoil was a good idea. I really liked the set of Xerneas, the truth I was very crazy in the Rock Slide vs Ho-Oh, Haha. That was very Oras, but still very viable and surprising.

Greetings, see you.
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