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Hello and welcome to the SM UU replays thread! This is the thread you will post high quality replays from ladder, challenges, tours, wherever you've played for others to watch, enjoy, and learn from. However, unlike last generations thread, replays from all (relevant) UUs will be accepted. This includes SUMO, ORAS, BW2, DPP, and ADV; here you can find the old gens hub, learning more about past generations.

In addition to all UUs being accepted, there will now be a featured battle of the week, akin to Hogg 's Better Battlers Project, hand selected by your host. Discussion on these games will be encouraged and high level replays, featured or not, will be kept in the OP for easy viewing.

Id like to reiterate the point of high quality replays. Replays found to be not up to par will be deleted from the thread.

First featured replay will go up next week! You're free to post!

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What a cool idea. Here's my contribution: an amazing series I had vs. Shiba in ORAS UU. This was for UU Mafia.

We both brought pretty interesting balance teams. His team is a bit fatter, with a very solid Cleric Sylv / Doublade / Mandi / Swampert defensive core which walls most of my offensive threats (Doublade / Charge Beam p2 / Scarf Hydre) + Pursuit Mega Aero which has potential to revenge a lot of my team with some prior damage. On my end I can still threaten him quite severely with CM Snore Sylv since Doublade is the only switch in. I think we both realized more or less from team preview that the game would hinge on whether he could keep his Doublade alive.

I brought a somewhat interesting hazard stack team (Escav + Forre... the core?) while Shiba brought a fairly standard Mega Scep balance build. If the Mega Scep was HP Fire the matchup would have been heavily in Shiba's favor but fortunately for me it turned out to be Focus Blast. However, Mega Scep was still a massive threat and I had no real switch ins. I had to stay in turn 4 with Sableye and take >50% just to wisp it so I could begin wearing it down. He also had Defog Crobat which wasn't ideal for me. My game plan was to lay up hazards and pressure the bat as much as possible since my offensive threats couldn't threaten his team directly in the early game (Nido + scarf Celebi were walled by Bronzong, Escav was walled by Milotic, and Suicune couldn't set up while Mega Scep was still alive.) If I could get rid of the bat I knew I could win since Mega Scep was his only real way to break my defensive core and hazards + burn would wear it down quick as well as giving me potential to break his walls. For his part he needed to get his mileage out of the Scep. Once Sableye switched out below 50% on turn 5 Scep could theoretically get a kill if it came in on any other mon and I had to play aggressively to prevent that.

Shiba brought a somewhat interesting balance team with a very fat core (Suicune / Snorlax / Fat Sylv / Bronzong / Fat Crobat) + Mega Scep. I brought some next level innovation (CM Xatu / RestTalk Mega Pert / Moltres / Scarf Gyara / Forre / NP Celebi.) On his end Suicune and Snorlax had big potential to win, while on my end I recognized from the start that CM Xatu was my only real way to break through his core. During the course of the game I tried to not give Cune or Lax chances to come in + preserving my checks to them (Celebi and SubRoost Moltres respectively) while simultaneously biding my time for the correct turn to bring in Xatu.

This was probably the most fun and intense series I've been a part of... the g3 was the most fun I've had playing mons.

Edit: I edited in descriptions of the battles following Hogg and Highway's example.
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Not the fanciest replay, but here's a game I really enjoyed against LeoLancaster. We were both running Clef balance/BO teams and we both had pretty solid defensive answers to most of the threats on the other side of the field, so a lot of the game was all about carefully scouting out the other team for any surprises. My main offensive thrusts came primarily from Volcanion and Ice Beam Clefable, while Leo's Empoleon put in a ton of work defensively and kept things from getting out of control early on.

Great ORAS battle between Bouff and I for Lower Tier WLT. We brought fairly solid offense squads with similar types (Ground / Steel / Poison / Flying / Water / filler). I noted that I had to wear down Whimsicott to win the game, as it was its only Gyarados answer and he revealed that his Swampert had Rest instead Roar. I proceeded to win when Sacred Fire haven't burned my Gyarados. This was a really close game and I wanted to share it with you.

Another great ORAS battle between Christo and I for UU Mafia. We brought balance/bulky offense squads, with Spikes Forretress, Nasty Plot Celebi and Choice Band Krookodile. I missplayed a lot by letting Mega Aerodactyl die during the mid-game because Celebi was a huge threat, but I fortunately did my comeback and won with Celebi alongside the Spikes support.
Nice thread. I have only recently started playing S/M UU seriously so for now I'll share some good games I had back in Oras UU.

1. (L) vs. Merlouvynis, tournament match.

I started off well, being able to take out his Shaymin, which was a huge issue for my team to check. Although I lose Entei in the turn after I feel that this trade was worth it, especially considering that my opponent had a Suicune. I made a significant misplay on turn 4 when I clicked swords dance with Crawdaunt when I got it in. I should have just used Crabhammer considering that the Granbull, which my opponent hard switched in, still is 3HKOd and has no recovery.

I should have preserved Crawdaunt and put more of an effort to wear down that Granbull ultimately. However, I realized that my only chance to win would be to setup with Calm Mind Sylveon and hope to get a critical hit against my opponent's Calm Mind Suicune. I'll admit that I was fishing for a crit but that was my only win condition at that point. I did not get one, so this match was a loss. Still a fun game though!

2. (W) vs. King UU, ladder match.

I remember this game well because it was a game that I feel was played excellently on both sides. No one really choked in this game, at least in my opinion. Given that swampert led off well versus 4/6 Pokemon on my team, I figured he'd lead with it, so I led with my scarfed Celebi. Aside from pivoting and attempting to gain momentum, nothing really notable happens until turn 8-9. My game plan was to get rid of that Chandelure so I could start clicking sacred fire with Entei, so I had no reservations in clicking scald. Especially since his Celebi was the rocker, so I knew that King UU's Swampert was most likely a rain dance mega variant, so he wouldn't want to risk that switching into Entei. In turn 9, however, I figured that he would think that I would click scald again because he knew what my gameplan was by how I was playing; thus, I didn't think he'd sac Chandelure. For that reason, I clicked rapid spin, doing a clean 1% chip to the incoming Celebi (but getting rid of rocks!).

My opponent makes a very good play anticipating my switch into Celebi on his Swampert and hits it with ice punch. Unfortunately I get frozen, but I did not want to sack Celebi because of the fact that it's the only thing on my team that can reliably check Swampert, and since it's scarfed, check it in the rain. I decided to sack Tentacruel because I had Cobalion and Entei to handle Sylveon, so it really wasn't doing anything for me. My opponent clearly did not want to risk the 1st turn thaw and made a safe play by going Hydreigon.

Fast forward to turn 20, his Swampert is causing issues under the rain, and I am currently in with my Celebi. I was hoping that he wouldn't anticipate the scarf and stay in, but I revealed U-Turn earlier, so I feel that that made him think that I was scarfed. The game ended with Crawdaunt cleaning up. I got a crit on his Hydreigon, but I don't think that mattered considering that I had Calm Mind Sylveon in the back. Fun battle all-around!

3. (L) vs. dodmen, room tournament.

Very close match. I picked a poor lead in hindsight, even though I did anticipate the Aerodactyl to be a suicide lead. My Rain Dance M-Swampert had an excellent matchup vs. Dodmen's team, and could get a Rain Dance up on literally 4/6 of his team and sweep once I get some chip damage on Shaymin. As such, I should have preserved my Swampert until the late game where I could setup; I should not have let it take any damage. My Krookodile was far less valuable, so I really should have led with that.

Skipping ahead to turn 3, where it's Dodmen's Shaymin vs. my M-Swampert. He makes a very aggressive play and clicks specs HP Fire, correctly anticipating me to want to bring in my Escavalier. What a savage. Moving along, in turn 11-12 I made an arguably poor play in bringing in my specs Sylveon into his Tornadus, risking the confusion from Hurricane. Unfortunately, I get confused and hit myself, losing my Sylveon in the process. Sacking Conkeldurr would have been more appropriate: I still had M-Swampert to take on his Lucario, and Specs Sylveon got a kill afterwards. In the late game, Dodmen is sets up with his SD Doublade after I take down Lucario with Conkeldurr, taking two Knock Off's in the process. I just needed 5% more chip damage to take down his Doublade with the second Knock Off to win, but it lives and finishes off my team at +4. Thanks for the battle!
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This was the 2nd game of my first UUPL apperance vs J0RIS. This was probably the best intense bw uu game i have ever played. This game is filled with nice plays and well thought out moves. Things start off pretty interesting and hazards played a very huge role in the endgame. J0RIS is a very strong player that I throughly enjoyed playing vs in this tour. Not going to spoil too much, have a look! This was very close.

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