SM UU Viability Ranking Thread Mk. II

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Silvally from C- To Unranked

Honestly the VR as a whole could use some polishing, especially some of the lower ranks, but Imma get this one out of the way first. Silvally, to me, is just not a very good choice in UU at the moment at all. It's whole niche is based off a Swords Dance + Z-Explosion set designed to bust through walls for teammates, although that set has gotten a lot worse with mons like Mega Steelix/Mega Aggron joining the tier, as while Silvally can potentially get a lot of damage off of them, it's still only wearing down one wall realistically, which makes it sort of a lame wallbreaker. It's not very strong or fast unboosted either, leaving it outsped and overwhelmed by the many offensive mons that UU has to offer. It doesn't even have any neat resistances to offer with it's Normal typing, making it even less of a good choice compared to other niche stallbreakers like Decidueye. It's only real chance against a standard offense team is to use Flame Charge and Explosion to nuke a mon, which may kill something but it's still pretty pathetically weak unboosted and Cobalion is quite common on offense teams anyways so yeah LOL. Now I know a lot of lower C mons don't get used very much in tournament play but Silvally is literally nonexistent, and it'd take me quite a bit of reasoning over "Wow Z-Explosion" to even consider justifying this on a serious team. What I'm saying is that even though Silvally has some potential as a wallbreaker, it's still a Silvally and it's pretty worthless in other matchups and is just really damn underwhelming overall, and is not worth a spot on your team over other better wallbreakers. (Like shit even the Linoone nom on last page would be a better choice imo)


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New pkmn ranks!

--> B:
Can easily see this ranked alongside Mega Steelix as this 'mon basically trades ground typing and slightly more neutral/special bulk for less chip damage from SE moves and a wider movepool.
--> B-: Obviously has a ton of defensive issues because it's hazard weak and is weak to so much shit, but offensively, it's also capable of causing tons of issues for the opposing team. Its SD set (seed bomb, eq, ice shard) breaks stall cores very efficiently, and even the common offensive mons found on stall like Mega Aero and Krook fold to this after one SD boost. Even Haze 'mons like Tentacruel and Mantine fold because the former is heavily damaged by eq and the latter must rely on Scald and cannot effectively roost at the peril of taking super effective damage from Seed Bomb. Mixed is also annoying to switch into because Blizzard on its own hits pretty hard and even the Steel and Fire types are susceptible to being heavily worn down by its powerful attacks. Solid 'mon, but needs a decent amount of support around it.
--> C+:
Also very annoying to switch into because of its sheer power and it's probably the best mega in Trick Room atm (still a very shaky playstyle here), but 20 speed outside of TR literally ensures that Camel won't be getting a hit off without taking some outside of 'mons like Mega Steelix/Doublade (both of which Camel needs speed investment for), which can be an especially huge disadvantage late game. Also a solid 'mon but definitely needs a lot more support around this mon than m-Aboma does.
--> D (or unranked if this isn't updated by tier shifts): bad pkmn

Other shit:

B+ --> C+: Weavile heavily outperforms mega Absol with its physical sets due to it not taking a mega slot and having a much more solid movepool, and its mixed set isn't B rank material. Really underwhelming option in this meta atm, so this definitely needs a massive drop.

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