Multifaction/FFA Smogeimm Game Over, Winners: Euklyd, Nuxl, Vooper


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Welcome, residents of Circus Maximus to the first free for all mafia we have had in quite a while. I will give a brief explanation as to how this works for those who have not played before.
The core of this game is that you are a one man team, with only one goal: survive. If you are one of the final 3 players left in the game, you win. You must team up with other players to eliminate competition and thin the player list, killing others before they can kill you. This is a game of alliances, info control, paranoia and hopefully a lot of dramatic stabbing I can laugh at.

Everyone will start the game with 2 bullet proof vests, which will protect you from shots aimed at you. Along with this all players will have a standard nightly vigilante shot to shoot at whichever player you so wish to shoot at.

Along with your standard, universal vig shot, everyone will also receive a unique role much like normal closed oc. However, the flavour of your role will be determined by you. When you sign up, pm me what character you would like your role to be inspired by. This can be a friend, a sportstar, a superhero, even an animal. The possibilities are endless.
I will probably leave signups open for about a week, me and my gracious cohost rssp1 will need time to write up roles, which we will be doing as the signups come in. Good luck and try your best to not die!

Remember if you sign up send me both a character to base your role on as well as an alias

Game Rules

General Rules/Game Etiquette

  1. Obey all site-wide rules.
  2. Communication outside the thread is allowed outside of twilight.
  3. You may not quote mod communication of any kind! This includes moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind. Paraphrasing (for role claims, etc.) is acceptable.

  1. Prods of missing players will be issued after 24 hours of no activity.
  2. A prodded player has 24 hours to respond to the prod, after which time a replacement search will begin. The prodded player may re-enter the game so long as no replacement has been found.
  3. A player who has been prodded 2 times is subject to possible replacement without further notice.
  4. If you anticipate being unavailable for more than 24 hours please PM. Let me, the host, know.
  5. I reserve the right to force replace players at my own discretion.
  6. I left this section in just in case, realistically I probably won't be subbing this game but stay active please!

  1. Each Day Phase will last 48 hours.
  2. There is no night phase
  3. Extensions are given only in extreme circumstances.
Player Actions/Voting/Player Death

  1. There are no votes or lynches in this game

  1. Don't impersonate me. No invisible/small/encrypted text is allowed.
  2. Any situation not explicitly covered above is subject to my discretion and will be handled as I see fit on a case-by-case basis.

Living Playerlist:
Euklyd / euklyd#0776
Fenrir Aesir / Fenrir#4331
Hannah / Hannah#8787
Nuxl / eli#4461
Toni (XY) / XY#6014

Living Alias List:
Smogon leader hal jin (1)
Smogon leader hal jin (6)
Smogon leader redacted
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