Smogon Champions League - Week 8

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Truly, could not agree more. He's the manufacturer of several incredible archetypes being used by a multitude of users who are winning with the swiftest ease. His support is unparalleled and has an ability to bring life to a team chat without peer.

Unironic big shout-out to man's for doing what he does. Even when lax pretends your teams are his you keep a smile on your face. What more could anyone ask
Due to this blatant disrespect by my manager, I will be letting my enemies know what I’m bringing TonyFlygon Star kythr Bushtush prepare for sun.
Technical Machines (2) vs (8) Orange Islanders

OU: ez vs mind gaming
OU: Sagiri vs Ox the Fox
OU: Ruft vs Eternal Spirit
Ubers: SiTuM vs Exiline
DOU: Nails vs Mishimono
UU: SoulWind vs Indigo Plateau
RU: Davon vs odr
NU: Confide vs OnArceus
PU: chlo vs TJ
LC: LilyAC vs boulicrok

Circuit Breakers (6) vs (4) Arena Spartans

OU: Lord_Enz vs mncmt
OU: Lusa vs talah
OU: Punny vs MAX UND MAX
Ubers: byronthewellwell vs 64 Squares
DOU: Spurrific vs stax
UU: LNumbers vs Highways
RU: Sabella vs Ark
NU: Ren-chon vs Charmflash
PU: Sjneider vs termi
LC: daunt vs vs Laroxyl

Showdown Shoguns (5) vs (5) Power Plant Dynamos

OU: HSA vs Insult
OU: false vs BIHI
OU: TPP vs beatiful
Ubers: Reje vs The Strap
DOU: Frania vs Grandmas Cookin
UU: Bushtush vs TSR
RU: TheFranklin vs Askov
NU: TDK vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
PU: z0mOG vs Greybaum
LC: dcae vs Wail Wailord

Uncharted Terrors (3) vs (7) Indigo Platoon

OU: March Fires vs MichaelderBeste2
OU: Raptor vs Storm Zone
OU: Gefährlicher Random vs Malekith
Ubers: Icemaster vs Poek
DOU: Actuarily vs Z Strats
UU: Accel vs 100%GXE
RU: Mac3 vs CrashinBoomBang
NU: sensei axew vs Kushalos
PU: xavgb vs Excal
LC: lax vs kythr

Mt. Silver Foxes (8) vs (2) Studio Gible

OU: Finchinator vs Skypenguin
OU: watashi vs Chaitanya
OU: Stareal vs robjr
Ubers: Aberforth vs London Beats
DOU: Memoric vs Paraplegic
UU: Adaam vs hs
RU: atomicllamas vs Nat
NU: Xiri vs Rodriblutar
PU: tlenit vs Specs
LC: Toadow vs Luthier

Week 1: 24/50 Week 2: 28/50 Week 3: 22/50 Week 4: 32/50 Week 5 24/50 Week 6 26/50 Week 7 34/50 Current prediction rate: 54%

This week's sponsor is SoulWind! Please touch some grass!

-the berk
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