Smogon Classic VII Playoffs - Finals [Won by ABR]


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Congratulations to the competitors who've made it to playoffs! I'd like to thank those who contributed towards making this tournament run so smoothly. Firstly, our wonderful cup hosts Finchinator, emma, Vileman, false, and FriendOfMrGolem120; thank you all for your efforts the past several weeks, you all did great. Next, thank you so much to Ticken, McMeghan, and Perry for your help creating and maintaining the sheet. Lastly, thank you so much to Blazenix for creating the trainer cards and versus animations. With no further ado, here's our top sixteen.

1. Star - 33 Points (further deepest run)
2. McMeghan - 33 Points
3. Aliss - 21 Points
4. erz - 20 Points (76.19% Win Ratio)
5. frisoeva - 20 Points (75.00% Win Ratio, second deepest run is in a larger tour)
6. Exiline - 20 Points (75.00% Win Ratio, second deepest run is in a smaller tour)
7. SoulWind - 19 Points (75.00% Win Ratio)
8. Stareal - 19 Points (73.68% Win Ratio, further deepest run)
9. Bushtush - 19 Points (73.68% Win Ratio)
10. spies - 18 Points (92.31% Win Ratio)
11. Mana - 18 Points (76.19% Win Ratio)
12. august - 18 Points (75.00% Win Ratio, further deepest run)
13. ABR - 18 Points (75.00% Win Ratio)
14. crucify - 18 Points (73.68% Win Ratio, further deepest run)
15. watashi - 18 Points (73.68% Win Ratio)
16. Altina - 17 Points (won tiebreak)

All sets will be Bo5. The higher seeded player picks the tier of game one and for the rest of the games, the loser of the previous game chooses the tier.

Star (1) vs Altina (16)

McMeghan (2) vs watashi (15)

Aliss (3) vs crucify (14)

erz (4) vs ABR (13)

frisoeva (5) vs august (12)

Exiline (6) vs Mana (11)

SoulWind (7) vs spies (10)

Stareal (8) vs Bushtush (9)

Altina (16) vs Stareal (8)

watashi (15) vs spies (10)

Mana (11) vs crucify (14)

ABR (13) vs frisoeva (5)

ABR vs crucify
The deadline for Finals is Sunday, November 21st at 11:59 PM MDT (GMT-6)
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Star vs Altina - Altina is cool but Star has had a terrific year so its hard to pick against them
McMeghan vs watashi - McMeghan is one of those people that's near impossible to pick against in a format like this
Aliss vs crucify - Aliss is someone I don't know a lot about as a player but crucify has been pretty good recently iirc so I'm going with them
erz vs ABR - no idea who erz is but ABR is op
frisoeva vs august - both solid players but August seems like an ok fella so I'm making that predict
Exiline vs Mana - Mana is good at classic so I'm picking Mana
SoulWind vs spies - SoulWind winning a BW game is as sure as a thing that can happen on this site and has excelled in past classics
Stareal vs Bushtush - iirc they've both had pretty decent years but I'm feeling Bushtush
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Star (all five) vs Altina
Star is a very strong overall player, been kicking ass in p much every tournament hes been participating, and while altina is strong in adv, that also happens to be star's best tier. Altina will need some good work in the prep and some great plays to win this one.

McMeghan (DPP, ADV, GSC, RBY) vs watashi (BW)
Just like star, McM is one of the best players in the site as he has been for years now. Watashi is a really strong opponent though, as much as i expect mcm to win this one in the tiers mentioned i expect a great tight series.

Aliss (ADV, GSC, RBY) vs crucify (BW)
Aliss has been working on her old gens for quite a while now, ive played her a lot in at least gsc and rby and i can tell how she has gotten really solid in those two. Shes also had solid results in adv circuit tours iirc, and had a solid adv cup run. imo she has more experience in old gens, gotta favor crucify in bw as he clearly knows his stuff there looking from his bw cup run, while dpp reamins a ? for me for both players. Overall should be a fun series to spectate but i think aliss handles better more gens than crucify.

erz (ADV) vs ABR (BW, DPP, GSC, RBY)
At this point everyone knows ABR could win it all. He made finals in the past iteration of the tour, so he clearly is up to the challenge. Having that + all he learned from spl (at tony's expense) makes for a terrifying opponent.
erz on the other hand is really strong when it comes to new gens: im not familiar with his past gens knowledge, so i at least expect solid plays from him. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

frisoeva(RBY, GSC) vs august (BW, DPP, ADV)
big tim 2001, clifford, AUG, etc is coming from a bw cup win and a adv spl adventure, that + his dpp expertize gives me the confidence to give him the advantage in those 3 tiers. frisoeva aka frisoat will be no slouch though, if tim concedes any of those 3 tiers the series could easily turn around to friso winning.

Exiline (GSC?) vs Mana (BW, DPP, ADV, RBY)
Not sure what to expect from exiline as im not familiar of his old gens, his plays can be either amazing or really bad though from what i remember of seeing him play in the past. Meanwhile Mana is at his second run with a great performance last year, and from what ive seen his plays are really solid and his teams can go from standard to water gem omastar or some shit. I'll favor Mana on this one, hoping for a crazy set if both go wild with their builds.

SoulWind (BW, DPP, ADV) vs spies (GSC, RBY)
Watching spies surge as this blast from the past guy has been quite the show ngl, really happy to see someone come back after years and proceed to kick some ass. Qualifying with only 2 cups is surely something unprecedented too, so props to him. This is the one true test though, SoulWind won it all the past year and could perfectly go for yet another cup this time around, idt i'd favor anyone over him currently to take it. spies also stands as a complete question mark in the other 3 gens he didn't sign up for, which could either mean he doesn't really care about them, or he could just be a great surprise and kick some ass with the biggest upset you could see in this round. This is my personal favorite matchup and i hope i can catch it live.

Stareal vs Bushtush (my guy)
ah, the tush, my guy, say less, gg


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Star (all) vs Altina

Altina is a formidable competitor in ADV and seems to be able to win games in GSC, but Star has more experience and success in both tiers. Couple this with Star already being super strong in BW, reaching DPP finals, and knowing RBY enough from years of experience and you get what seems to be a likely candidate for a clean sweep. Altina can flip the narrative if he takes a tier like ADV or BW, where Star's edge is seemingly lesser than others due to Altina's own experience, early on and holds that momentum, but it seems hard for anyone to beat Star in any format as of late.

McMeghan (DPP, ADV, GSC) vs watashi (BW, RBY)

Major highlight series. McMeghan is goat tier, but watashi is an awkward match-up for him in my eyes. watashi can plausibly beat anyone in any tier due to his fast-paced play and massive experience. His BW is probably a slim edge here as McMeghan has been less active in the tier recently and I think RBY is going to go his way just because of how good he is at making reads, but really McMeghan can take either of these and I would not be shocked. The others, besides ADV, should be pretty close, too, but McMeghan's greater amount of success should translate into more wins here. Probably one of the favorites to take it all if he gets a clean break. McMeghan's DPP run especially cements his case as a favorite, too, because he now has three 'dominant' tiers in my eyes with GSC/ADV also being strong from him. If he can channel his prime in BW, this could be McClassic VII. If not and some other things do not pan out, he could see an early exit here though.

Aliss (DPP, ADV, GSC, RBY) vs crucify (BW)

Aliss has done a good job establishing herself as a competitor in this format. She has a good amount of experience building and playing in the oldest generations, which is oftentimes harder for someone who began playing well after they were released and does not really have the same amount of official tournament experience as some other veterans. She knows 1-3 as well as just about anyone though and that should carry Aliss in this series. crucify has been super underrated in BW, tearing up many tournaments in the circuit, and I favor them there for sure. However, Aliss seems likely to win the remainder with DPP being the closest of the remaining if only because I am less sure of Aliss's comfort there.

erz vs ABR (all)

Rough draw for erz, but ABR is ABR. He knows all 5 tiers well, he will put his best foot forward in the builder, and his ability to assess risk seems better than anyone who is not super comfortable or experienced in these generations, which unfortunately applies to erz. Anything is possible with enough cheese or outplaying, but I gotta side decisively with ABR here until I am proven wrong.

frisoeva (GSC, RBY) vs august (BW, DPP, ADV)

Close set between two vastly different players, but august is coming off hot from a BW Cup victory and already has amazing DPP skills. His ADV game is decent enough to do the trick here and I think those 3 tiers could be enough. frisoeva is a versatile player and I know he can hold his own throughout all five, so I give him the edge in RBY and GSC because I am less familiar with august there. If ABR and the other East guys rubbed off on august enough over the years, he may be able to find some GSC success as well though. friso just does not stand out in any format to me here, so I struggle to say he is favored overall, but it may very well be a close set.

Exiline vs Mana (all)

Easiest bold of the round for me personally. Mana is a well-rounded player with great decision making who has continued to prove himself when he tries. Exiline is a good player and he has had success in these qualifiers and some Ubers tours, but probably should not have a good chance against Mana in any one tier and I worry about his ability to recover if things go downhill quick against a top opponent like Mana.

SoulWind (BW, DPP, ADV, RBY) vs spies (GSC)

SW has been the best player on the site for a while now I think. He really worked on consistency in recent years and it has shown in every single individual tournament -- literally all of them, he can be seen as a favorite. That's impressive. His RBY is sneaky good, too, so this is not even a 'good' match-up for spies, who you would think could take RBY/GSC from most. He is going to need to find a way to do that here and then steal one of the other 3, but I do not think SoulWind will let that happen. I think SoulWind will hold his ground where he needs to and even win a close RBY game. Tough draw for spies, who is a sneaky good pick for those looking for an underdog if he is to try to learn modern DPP and BW for this.

Stareal (GSC) vs Bushtush (BW, DPP, ADV, RBY)

Closer set than many imagine because Stareal is an underrated player who learns quickly. Seriously, give the kid some props for qualifying for Classic as a literal zoomer. I am really proud of Stareal for this and hope it translates into a long span of success across whatever tier he favors, be it one of these or SS. With this said, Bush has been HOT lately. Man rakes in every format he needs to, including these. I think his BW and ADV are great, which is particularly tough for Stareal as his BW is usually one he can take vs most guys. I think Bushtush holds his own in most of these and does just enough to take the set even if Stareal prepares well and continues to learn. Bush is definitely a dark-horse pick to win this whole thing and I would love to see that run.

gl hf all, congratulations on qualifying! rooting for my friends and some creative BW matches!


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My predicts I guess. Hope for some good games and the players put their times they decide to play ahead of time in the thread or on Discord if possible so we know when they play.

Star (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, BW) vs Altina - Contrary to what my tier predicts are showing, Altina isn't bad and their ADV is pretty decent. But Star is such a complete player in every gen that it really is hard to predict against him. Altina brought some cool stuff in DPP last time so hopefully we something creative from them this round.

McMeghan (RBY, ADV, DPP) vs watashi (GSC, BW) - A really fire set and my highlight for the top 16. Roro is Roro and had a surprisingly deep DPP run and won ADV cup, which shows he's still top of his game. Watashi is still a great player though, and made semis of GSC cup and did pretty well in the other cups from what I remember. Bolding Roro but it can go to either in all honesty.

Aliss (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP) vs crucify (BW) - Aliss had a really breakout tour this time around, she did pretty well in the cups she signed up for except DPP and beat some pretty good opps like ABR in ADV along the way. Qualifying only signing up for 4 cups isn't super easy to do. Cruify's BW is probably a bit better with some of his outside performances, but Aliss seemingly has more solid experience in the other 4 tiers.

erz vs ABR (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, BW) - Erz making it really shocked me, didn't see him coming. Not a knock on his skills at all, just not someone I immediately think of for classic tiers. On the other hands, his opponent is someone who's gone from semis to finals of classic the past 2 years so really hard to bold against ABR. Looking forward to see what Erz does here since they were on the pack together.

frisoeva (RBY, GSC) vs august (BW, DPP, ADV) - I haven't seen August play RBY or GSC (not saying he's bad at either, just saying I haven't seen him play) so gonna bold Fris there since I've seen him play more. On the other hand, August also won the BW cup convincingly and he knows DPP better than a majority of people so he will for sure have the edge there. ADV I don't think either really have an edge over another but I'll bold August by a hair. I'd say August's advantages in BW and DPP are more substantial than Fris's in RBY or GSC, so August is a liklier winner here.

Exiline (BW) vs Mana (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP) - Mana has always been really good at this format and a reliable player as well. I bolded Exiline for BW since he had a better run and I'd say their GSC will be close. But the others tiers I feel like Mana has a bigger edge in by comparison to the other 2 which are just pretty close.

SoulWind (ADV, DPP, BW) vs spies (RBY, GSC)- SoulWinds consistency is always something someone can count on and his play in every tier is very refined at this point. I'm bolding spies in RBY by only a smidge and SoulWind can easily take it while GSC I feel is a bit more one-sided but not something spies can rest easy on. Feel like the edge Soulwind has in the other 3 tiers is much larger by comparison. Wouldn't be surprised if SoulWind wins the tour again though tbh.

Stareal (RBY, GSC, BW) vs Bushtush (ADV, DPP) - Really close set here, the one I'm the least confident in predicting since I don't know a whole ton about either. I do know Bush had a really good ADV run and a nice DPP run. Meanwhile, Starael made finals of BW cup and lost to another classic playoff qualifier anyway. Gonna go into this assuming it's anyone's game though, it's really close.
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Star vs Altina
This matchup is honestly quite close, I really don't foresee the 5-0 people are talking about. Altina beat Star in 2 for callous invitational like last weekend so that may absolutely happen again. GSC I don't think is Star's best tier and Altina also just won GSC cup so that could go his way as well. I'd give Star the edge in DPP and BW but I'm not familiar with either of their RBY to be sure who will win, this will be a matchup to watch for sure.


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I do not know if it’s ever existed someone like Borja In this community. Personally i do not think so. I never seen someone like him. Been dominant in every single competition he takes part. No matter what tier is, you know he will make it and takes names. During his incredible “career” he “only” got 2 trophies, less then he deserves so far.
If there is someone who deserves a trophy, it should be him.
Whenever I log in and check the tournament thread, I see his name.
I had the pleasure and honor to teammate with him sometimes, knowing him since was “a child”, and it’s impressive how talent there could be into a person.
I do not know what you do outside Smogon, but you are an absolutely and genuine talent this community has.
There could be some other great players which can win this tour, there will be more and more again, but what SoulWind did, does and will keep on doing(hopefully) can not be forgotten.
It’s a truly inspiration for everyone, for us and for the community.
I hope you get what you deserve, because of you, because no one that is not you deserve this trophy than you. Vamos a ganar

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