Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tour - Battle Pools (Round One) - Pool #129-#160

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Claiming vs SpeedyAiden/Freezing Glare pool 135, largely AWOL for most of pool phase and went missing the one time we tried to schedule for 9-10 pm EST
Pool 133 Quincy vs TheSON123456789 - Claiming activity win. Pinged multiple times within the discord and did not receive a response.


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Pool 152 Also claiming win vs Nemotode, 0 activity all week despite multiple pings in discord and DMs
claiming vs felps7 (feneto_《OCB》#5570), NightKnight (Naaaaaaccan#6727), ag2625390 (Slimm#8431), 3 pings in different times even before christmas but got no response pool 155
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