Smogon Masters I - Round 2 , Bracket C [REPLAYS MANDATORY]

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The following games have been flipped. If you did not play a game, did not have a Bye, and do not see your game listed here, it was decided in favor of one player by the host team.

A1Gallade VS Hasg Skynyrd
AguaFiestas vs Antix. ❄
Akashi vs vgc
bestplayerever777 vs PANNAMAA
BlazingDark vs Mindnight
vs Siddakid
bodi 69 vs lotiasite
br_xton vs ibleachyourskin
Captain Funk
vs tehdicktutor
cat food and vs CTC
CharWillUser vs Paul Robeson
Chloe vs The412Gang
cicepece111 vs shaowdownguy124yt
corvere vs tipulipa
Christian Jimenez
vs Haruno
Dapoez vs Rampecker
vs okgoogle4
doedf vs raf
drachenkeule vs ForgottenOnes
Enzonana. vs ziloXX


edit: BlazingDark has been granted an activity win.
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