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Thanks Kala, noted.

Also, it would appear that Chrome/Firefox is pulling support for Stylish for a breach in their Terms of Use (data collection. Don't have a link, but pretty easy to Google). In the meantime I'll try to find another solution. I've read of a different extension called Stylus which will perform a similar role, so perhaps that could be a workable alternative. Afraid I'm not in a position to determine the solution atm, but hopefully will have something in the next few weeks.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Edit: Oops, ty Blueforce for the heads up
There's Stylus available now, basically an open source fork of Stylish without all the nasty data collection. Going to userstyles will prompt it to install to Stylus as well so no need to migrate as of now.

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Theme update to 1.11!

Aug 11, 2018
--Updated OP to include mention of Stylus for the browser extension (thanks for the confirm Kala). Seems to integrate well and it's basically identical to the end user. As always, install at your own risk, etc, etc
--Minor tweaks to messages on profile page and alert for insufficient posting privileges
--Changed the colors for the post toolbar. Clickable buttons are now white, unclickable are grayed out, and active/highlighted are red. May take a bit to unlearn the old system, but hopefully you'll find this more intuitive!
--Changed color of drag/drop image upload box so you can read it without hovering.
--Emoji list and multiple upload bars are now dark!

To update the theme, return to the theme download page and click "update style"...unless it doesn't want to change like it just did for me. Then you may need to just quickly delete the theme and reinstall it. Or maybe wait, but deleting worked.

Keep the feedback coming!

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