Smogon PlayTCG Tournament #8 - Dark Explorers [Won by Mekkah]


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I won, ggs Markus, we have a good sport here

Thanks everyone for playing! I was very surprised at how many people joined, compared to the previous TCG tournaments I hosted. I guess this is what having your own top level forum does for you. Sadly a lot of the people who joined did not get their R1 and sometimes not even their R2 match done. I will keep the people who flaked in mind when considering sign-ups and coinflips in the future. By joining and not doing anything, you're not only keeping people out of the tournament who could've been in, but you also make me feel even worse when I see two active friends paired in R1, knowing that one of them will be eliminated while someone could advance as far as R3 without even playing.

To end on a happier note, I don't know when exactly I will host the next one. I want it to be a different format, maybe an old one, maybe a gimmick one. When Dragons Excalted comes out, I will be hosting a tournament with that format, but that's a long way away and I don't want to wait that long. Please give me your input on what you'd like next!

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