Smogon Premier League 4 - Week 3

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GG Six. It sucks to lose like that, but I definitely could have played Game 2 better, and I need to improve on that to be successful.
Lost to Nelson in the only way he could won.

I got a USELESS crit, and he had a stupid freeze. GJ Master, now I understand how you reached grand slam finals.

EDIT: You werent supposed to anything, only to play bad.


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Enourmous Choke when i hard the battle won cuz forgot a speed, never mind. Had the game still won but explosion crit and finally freeze his last which is just normal cuz i was supposed to win.

I'm the champ here, gg

Explosion without crit makes 45% so i would have won anyway


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Lost in a terrible game, after two shitty CH's and the stupid lag PO glitch which killed one of my pokes for no reason. Life is good.

Edit: actually three CH's, forgot about the first one.
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